What is DNRS?

Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) is a drug-free science based program that anyone can use to heal from many chronic illnesses.  Chronic illnesses can cause your brain to become stuck in a trauma loop creating many unwanted symptoms and behaviors.  But the good news is your brain is Neuroplastic meaning it can change and adapt new neural pathways in a positive way and heal.

I will do my best to explain DNRS in basic terms and provide you links to Annie’s website for further explanation of the information.  I will not give you specifics on my DNRS practice rounds since it is proprietary and I firmly believe you need to do the DVD’s or attend the live seminar yourself to really grasp the material and the program.  Also, when I refer to chronic illnesses I am referring to a variety of physical and mental symptoms.

When you have a chronic illness your thoughts and behaviors can affect whether or not you heal.  And when you have been ill for so long you develop unhealthy patterns that can actually prevent you from healing.  These patterns are due to your brain being injured.  DNRS focuses on the specific area of your brain that has become injured and works to heal it.  Healing your brain injury will heal your illnesses.

Everyone has negative and positive thoughts running through their brain.  And when you have a chronic illness negative thoughts are magnified a millions times.  The negative thoughts are like velcro and they really sick to you.  Whereas, positive thoughts are like teflon and slide away easily.  

I had many severe and debilitating symptoms 24/7 so I was CONSTANTLY thinking, focusing and talking about my symptoms.  My life revolved around how I felt.  And the fact that it took 20 years to finally figure out the cause I was really angry.  I was angry at the medical community that I had naively trusted for 20 years.  I even ended up with severe PTSD from the medical community.  When I finally found out my daily migraine for 20 years was caused from infections and toxins [I have Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia and CIRS (mold illness)], I spent a significant amount of time researching and educating myself about these illnesses.  I was researching online, reading books and constantly connecting with others to try and determine how to heal.  So, naturally my thoughts and behaviors were always negative and I did not know how to stop them.  

After treating my lyme and co-infections I was 75% better.  YAY!  That’s amazing but my brain kept telling me no it’s not good enough and it’s ONLY 75% better.  My husband kept reminding me that just one year ago I was living on pain meds and house bound but my brain was stuck in the negative.  This is the negative trauma loop I mentioned above. My brain was stuck.


DNRS is teaching me how to break the negative trauma loop

by rewiring my Limbic System.  

 Your Limbic System consists of your amygdala, hippocampus, , hypothalamus and cingulate cortex.  Each part has a specific purpose. 

  • The Amygdala is your “fight or flight” response system in your brain.  It definitely has a purpose but when you have a chronic illness your Amygdala is working overtime to try and protect you.  DNRS can retrain it to calm down. 
  • The Hippocampus is the part responsible for new experiences or memories.  Using DNRS this area can fill up with positive experiences and memories and push the negative out.  
  • The Hypothalamus is responsible for the regulation of the certain metabolic processes and other activities of the nervous system.  Some of it’s important processes are controlling hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, hunger, thirst and sleep.  Individuals with chronic illnesses know that many of these processes are out of whack a lot.  
  • The Cigulate Cortex is an integral part of the Limbic System because it involves our emotions, learning and memory.   This is really important because many people with physical symptoms can become depressed and have mental health symptoms that just add to the severity of their chronic illness.  

The great news is my Limbic System can be rewired to heal.  I am confident that I will be 100%  healed.  

I will provide my detailed journey when I am healed!  As of March, 2019, I am 85%.  #NEVERGIVEUP  I am not giving up until the miracle happens!

Here is a great video about Neuroplasticity.

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