Supplement and Medicine List

I am no longer on any Big Pharma prescription meds!  Woohoo!!

I only take bio-identical hormones prescribed by my naturopathic doctor. 

Here is a list of some of there stuff I have bought or been on.

Most of it is from the 3 different Lyme Literate MD’s I went to (LLMD).  Frustrating on how much they want you to buy and some I have not even taken because I was too sick.  I hate the LLMD treatment plans.  The list a bunch of stuff, mostly supplements not covered by insurance that you MUST buy.  You leave their office completely confused even with taking notes and having someone “healthy”  take notes too.  You buy stuff and are too sick from some so you can’t take it all and then the next visit 3 to 6 months later they want you to buy more.  It can really feel like a scam and I really question their methods.

Some is from other doctors including ER doctors or my Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

Here is a partial list of thing I have been on or had to buy. 

Please note I am not a doctor and do not recommend anything on this list.  This is just my summary of all the stuff I have been on to try and heal.  Mostly since November 2015 when I was diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia.

Abtovaquone 750ml/5ml RX for Babesia

ADHS, worked well for Adrenal Fatigue, got from my ND

A-L Complex (Immune Support)

Alinia 500mg RX for Giardia

ArteMax Fortified Artemisinin Complex
Body bio Balance Oil
Butyrate Plus (suppository) M/M 15% SUPP  

Carafate 1gm/10ml RX

Candida Plus
Cholestyramine (Oral Suspension Powder)(Binder)

Ciproflozacin RX 500mg, was given it for Colitis form ER doctor, May 2016 (Horrible drug- bad side effects)

Clarithromycin  RX for Babesia 

Cymblata or Duloxeline RX for pain

Donnatal Grape Elixir  RX 
Glutagenics, helpful, from my ND
HMF Replete (Probiotic Supplement)  Good one.

Hyoscyamine 0.125mg RX

Immune Plus, Immune support supplements from the Germany Treatment Center
IMN-B Herbal Extract
IMN-GI Herbal Extract
Ketotifen Fumarate  
Licorice Solid Extract
Lymphomyosot Drops

Magnesium, bought myself and still currently take

Meloxicam RX for Lyme

MC-BAB-2 Herbal Extract
MC-BAR-1 Herbal Extract

Norco (hydrocodone/Acetaminophen) RX for pain.  As of October 2017, I no longer need this.  I use Kratom for anxiety and don’t have pain anymore.

Nortriptyline RX

Nystatin RX
Omeprazole 20mg RX

Oxygenic D-Plus

Pantoprazole RX 40mg

Phenergan (promethegan) RX for Nausea with migraines, very effective for me but rarely use anymore.  No more Migraines!  No more Nausea! 

Probiotics, a variety of different ones, always helpful

Pyrenoidosa (100% organic Chlorella) (Binder) Never Used

RENELIX Oral Drops

Ropinrole RX, Very helpful for Restless Leg Syndrome

Stress B-Complex, helpful
Takesumi Supreme TM (Binder)

Temaxepam 30mg RX

Thymus Peptide Shots from the Germany Treatment Center, I did these twice a week in May and June 2017.

Tizanidine 4mg RX

Trammeel Drops
Ultra Flora IB
UNDA Drops – Numerous different numbers – Homeopathic preparation, from my ND and helpful I think

Vitamin D, I was severely deficient from being in a dark room with migraines for years.  But I have been told most people are deficient and it was recommended to me to stay on 5,000 IU’s per day.

VSL #3 Probiotic

Zofran (Ondanestron) 4mg RX for nausea.  I do not take the under the tongue ones because they have Aspartame in them.  GROSS.  These are pills.

More to come when I remember all of them. LOL!