May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #15: Prevention Tips

We are half way thru Lyme Disease Awareness Month so let’s review prevention tips before moving on.  Remember,


According to the CDC you can easily treat Lyme Disease and patients are cured after a short course of antibiotics.  However, us patient know the truth.  Lyme is easy to get,  EXTREMELY difficult to treat and there is NO CURE.  Symptoms can go into remission but may come back later in life.

Before Going Outdoors

Protect yourself when you hike, camp, picnic or work in your garden

  1. Wear long pants tucked into high socks.
  2. Socks-no bare feet.
  3. Wear long sleeve shirts.
  4. Wear light color clothing so you can see ticks.
  5. Consider treating you clothing with repellant or buy pre-treated clothing
    • Purchase pre-treated clothing with Permethrin or buy permethrin spray to treat your own clothing.
    • Purchase Natural Sprays
    • Essential oils that repel insects. I make my own lotion with coconut oil/shea butter base and add oils.
      • citronella
      • eucalyptus
      • lemongrass
      • tea tree
      • peppermint
      • cypress
      • rose geranium
      • bergamot
      • lemon
      • Very Well
    • Wrist and ankle bands sprayed with repellant.

While Outdoors

  1. Don’t sit on rocks, branches or trees when you are outdoors
  2. Sit on a Insect Shield outdoor blanket.
  3. Do not go off the trails.
  4. Carry a tick remover or tweezers.
  5. Carry a baggy.


What to do before you go inside?

  1. Do tick checks
    • Check from head to toe
    • Use a sicky tape lint roller up and down you body.
    • Put clothes in hot dryer before going inside.
    • Shower off.
  2. Protect your pets
    • Talk to your veterinarian about tick medications
    • Brush off your dog after being outsideSticky_Lint_Roller_Cleaning_Tape

What to do if you get bit!

  1. Remove the tick
  3. Watch for a rash and take a photo for the doctor.
  4. Watch for flu-like symptoms.
  5. Visit a Lyme Literate MD for consultation.

tick removal poster