Chronic Pain Sucks!, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Migraine and Headache

#ChronicPainSucks: Part III

In July my condition became a lot worse and I was living with level 9-10 pain every day.  The pain scale goes from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain.  I was having a hard time functioning.  The pain was so severe I felt crippled.  By August I felt I would be in a… Continue reading #ChronicPainSucks: Part III

Chronic Pain Sucks!, Depression, Migraine and Headache

Chronic Pain and Depression

When my migraines first started in 1995 I began experiencing depression.  I never felt depressed before that.  I had no idea at the time that most people with chronic pain have depression.  I went to my primary care doctor and got Fioricet for the pain and Prozac for the depression. I remember the first time I took Fioricet. I… Continue reading Chronic Pain and Depression