Lyme Disease is a multi-systemic disease so the symptom list is endless.

These are my symptoms over the past 24 years.  

Air Hunger, Breathlessness
Bladder Infections (Chronic)
Burning Pain – Arms, Feet, Hands, Fingers and Legs
Chronic Dry Lips
Crippling Pain in my Hand and Fingers
Crippling Pain in my Legs
Drenching Sweats all over my body
Ear Popping & Ringing Sounds
Excessive Bowel Movements
Excessive Unination
Fatigue, Severe Adrenal Fatigue
Fever, Low Grade
Gurgling in Chest
Hearing Problems
Heart Murmur
Hip Pain
Internal Body Shaking
Itching, Inside Ears, eyes, head, face
Joint Pain, Migrating
Kidney Issues
Light and Sound Sensitivity
Memory Loss
Muscle Aches
Neck Creaks and Cracks
Panic Attacks
Poor Concentration
Ringing in my Ears
Sparkler Shooting Pain in Hands, Arms & Legs
Stomach Pain
Temperature Regulation Issues
Weakness, overall
Weight Gain

Websites listing Lyme and Mold Illness Symptoms

Lyme and Co-Infections Chart

Dr. Joseph Burrascano – Lyme Symptom Checklist

Sara Gottfried – Mold Symptoms

Herbal Transitions – Signs and Symptoms of Mold Illness

Dr. Jill – Is Toxic Mold the Cause of Your Symptoms?

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