Lyme Disease is a multi-systemic disease so the symptom list is endless. I’ll share my symptoms and links to sites listing all possible symptoms.

These are my symptoms over the past 23 years.  I’ve indicated what I think was the cause. Most are all gone now. Will update table soon!!

Air Hunger, Breathlessness – Babesia – gone
Burning Pain – Arms, gone
Burning Pain – Bottom of Feet, gone
Burning Pain – Hands and Fingers, gone
Burning Pain – Legs, gone
Chronic Dry Lips
Cold Sores in corners of my mouth
Crippling Pain in my Hand and Fingers, Bartonella, gone
Crippling Pain in my Legs, Bartonella, gone
Depression, Bartonella, gone
Drenching Sweats all over my body, Babesia, gone
Ear Popping Sounds, rare
Electrical Shooting Pain in Body, Bartonella, gone
Excessive Bowel Movements, Parasite,
Excessive Thirst, gone
Severe Fatigue, gone,
Fever, Low Grade, Babesia, gone
Forgetfulness-Severe Memory Loss, gone
Gurgling in Chest, gone
Hearing Problems
Heart Murmur
Hip Pain, gone
Insomnia, mild, could be many reasons
Itching, Inside Ears, eyes, head, face, Candida
Joint Pain, gone
Light and Sound Sensitivity, gone
Lightheadedness and dizzy, gone
Metallic Taste in Mouth, CIRS-Mold, gone
Migraines, Daily since 1995, Lyme, Bartonella, Mold, gone
Muscle Aches, gone
Nausea, rare
Neck Creaks and Cracks
Ringing in my ears, occasionally
Poor Concentration, gone
Sparkler Pain, hands, arms, legs, Bartonella, gone
Stomach Pain, CIRS-Mold, gone
Tremors, gone
Weakness, overall, gone
Weight Gain, now back to normal weight.  Probably, pharma drugs and mold illness

Websites listing Lyme and Mold Illness Symptoms

Lyme and Co-Infections Chart

Dr. Joseph Burrascano – Lyme Symptom Checklist

Sara Gottfried – Mold Symptoms

Herbal Transitions – Signs and Symptoms of Mold Illness

Dr. Jill – Is Toxic Mold the Cause of Your Symptoms?

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