Rocks 4 Lyme

I started Rocks 4 Lyme when I heard about community rock painting from my sister. She started Newbury Park Rocks in her area. I thought that this would be an amazing way to spread awareness about Lyme Disease. Have Fun!

*Find *Keep*Paint *Hide*

How does it work?
  • When you find a rock you can re-hide it or keep it. If you keep it you can paint a new one and then hide it somewhere else. This way the rock painting will continue.
  • Take a picture of the rock you find and post it on this Facebook Page and include the location you found it.
  • If you paint one don’t forget to put Rocks 4 Lyme and Facebook on it.
Tips and Rules:
  • Paint rock with acyclic paint and spray with a sealant. Laying them on wax paper works best so they don’t stick. I learned the hard way.
  • Do not glue or tape anything to a rock. Glued or taped items can come off and be litter.
  • Do not hide rocks in National or State parks. I don’t know if this would be acceptable.
  • Do not hide rocks on private property. I don’t think the owners would appreciate it.
  • If you paint food or candy design on a rock, don’t paint on small rocks because a toddler may think it is real and put in their mouth.

I have painted over 60 Rocks 4 Lyme

You don’t have to find a rock to start painting. Just start painting and hide rocks and post on this Facebook page.

Have fun painting!

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