I recently found out I have 2 parasites.  I had a test done in April 2016 that did not show any parasites but my new test says I do.  I got this one (recommended from my lyme doctor) at Para Wellness Research.  Apparently, some tests can miss 50% of parasites.  Based on changes in bowel habits I know I got the parasites in the Dominican Republic 4 years ago.  Parasites gross me out because of the thought of having some living organism in me – yuck!

Giardia Instestinalis Cysts (Protozoa)

Entamoeba Hartmanni cysts (Protozoa)

The treatment for Giardia isn’t as long as the Entamoeba but it will take a few months in total to get rid of them.   I hope it’s sooner because my stomach pain is so bad.  I was in the ER 11 times in 2016.  I also had EVERY test possible from a GI specialist this year and everything is functioning fine.  And basically the GI MD gives you no answers when his tests come back negative.  Yes, negative tests are great but still they MD’s give up on determining the cause of pain.  They just want to give you a daily medication to help the pain.  I wish medical school was different and they were taught to find out the cause of symptoms instead of just masking them with medications.  Parasites can be passed to others so my husband needs to get tested too.   I think I still have some parasites and candida bad because my stomach isn’t better.