Neural Therapy

In April 2017, I recently experienced severe pain on the upper and left side of my abdomen.  I waited and suffered with the pain that was stabbing and severe for 3 days before going to the doctor.  The pain made it difficult to sit up and get out of bed.    It was pretty severe and came on suddenly when I woke up one morning.  This stomach pain was completely different than the pain I had in 2016.  All of that was due to mold.  UGH!

So on day 3 I went to my primary care physician.    My regular PCP was out so I saw another MD.  She thought maybe it was diverticulitis and ran some blood tests and ordered a CT scan that I got done the next morning.  Of course everything came back negative.  Yay!  Great!  Nothing wrong but the pain was so severe I ended up in the ER that night. 

So now what?

Well I’ve been seeing my Naturopathic doctor on a regular basis to do my post Germany treatment protocol so I went to see her and told her about the pain.  She first thought something in my back was causing the pain and suggested some injections.  I say yes and once she saw my back she saw my 2 scars from my implant. One is the battery and one is the connectors.  That’s when she explained to me about Neural Therapy using procaine. I had read long time ago about people treating scars but didn’t fully understand it until now.  

I’ve attached some links but this is my understanding in laymens terms.  

Basically, the fascia around scars can become twisted and pull.  The fascia is a layer underneath the skin of connective tissue.  There are a lot of purposes for fascia but with with the equipment in me and the surgical scars the fascia can twist and pull and create pain in the body in other areas.  So basically you have to treat the scars to release the fascia and eliminate the pain.  Procaine injections are used to to do this. 

What is procaine?

Procaine is an anesthetic like novocaine.  Procaine is injected just under the skin at the scar.  It can create an immediate release and reduction in pain.  It was developed in Germany in the early 1900’s.  

Does it work?

It did for me.  After a few minutes I noticed a reduction in my stomach pain.  Wow!!  Amazing! So then we treated both scars on my back to see how I do and will treat other scars I have later.  


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