My Journey with DNRS

March 5-9, 2018 DNRS Seminar:  At the time I started DNRS I felt I was 75% healed from Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia.  My burning pain was gone and I wasn’t taking pain meds daily anymore.  I didn’t have electricity shooting through me anymore either.  YAY!  I am still having severe insomnia and some anxiety.  I have been using Kratom for the anxiety.  My Babesia symptoms are gone too.  This is all because of my 2017 Healing Year!

1 month Update, April 2018:  I have been very dedicated to doing the practice daily but have been significantly challenged so I hired a coach.  The coach has been extremely helpful.   I am understanding that the challenges I am having is completely normal because my limbic system is fighting the change.  My brain has been stuck in this rut for 23 years so I don’t expect it to change overnight and it’s a learning process.  I also started buddy rounds three weeks after the seminar.  Buddy rounds have made a HUGE difference!  I highly recommend them.   My anxiety has gotten really bad.  I’ve never had anxiety this bad before.  So I am meditating more and tying to get my limbic system to calm down.  Still at 75-80% healed.

2 month Update, May 2018:  I’m still doing my minimum of one hour a day practice.  I also do at least one buddy round a day.  I am still having challenges.  I believe my body was really fighting the changes.  My anxiety was off the charts 24/7.  It was so bad I could not stop my insides from shaking and I was throwing up a lot.  And not from a migraine.  But then the migraines started to get worse too.  My doctor gave me some valium but the side effects were bad so I could not take it.  I continue to use Kratom.

By the end of May my body was calming down a bit more.  I continued my daily practice and meditation so now I am sleeping better.  My insomnia was so bad before DNRS and nothing I took or did helped so this is really wonderful.  I am extremely hopeful that in another month I will see more positive changes.  At 82% healed.

3 month Update, June 18, 2018:  I was struggling a bit to stay motivated so I contacted my coach again for more tips on dealing with the ebb and flow of recovery.  When I had a bad moment or day my brain would automatically tell me that everything is bad.  But it’s not true, I am seeing positive changes.  

I put together a tool box of things to do when my brain is stuck in a negative and unwanted pattern.

Here’s is some of the tools in my tool box:

  • Listening to music and dancing around my house.
  • Painting rocks for my awareness project I started.
  • Making  jewelry.
  • Watching a funny TV show or movie
  • Laughter Yoga with my dog
  • Playing in the yard with my dog.
  • Write in my gratitude journal.

The goal is to catch the unwanted thought, acknowledge that it’s just my limbic system overreacting and redirect myself to a happy place.  This has been very challenging for me but now it’s getting easier.  Negative thoughts are like velcro and positive are like teflon.  The negative sticks inside our brains easily and the positive just slides away.

It’s a learning process.   My thoughts and behaviors have been stuck in the negative for 2 decades so I had to learn to pay attention to them and realize I can change them. It’s working!  I more aware of the thoughts, patterns and behaviors and I have been successful at changing and redirecting them. So here are some successes:

  • I am driving now!  This is huge and I’m excited about it.  My husband had to drive me everywhere most of the last 2 years.  Now, I don’t feel like I am going to pass out all the time so I am completely comfortable behind the wheel.
  • My brain fog is less.  I am able to concentrate and follow conversations more.
  • My brain is functioning better.   I was capable of thinking through and processing financial information recently.
  • I walk or hike now regularly.
  • I do weekly beach walks with friends.
  • I started Yoga again.  
  • My anxiety is less.  My anger/rage is less.
  • I was able to go to a family dinner recently.
  • I don’t do gluten-free anymore but I don’t think it was a problem for me anyways.
  • I am saying YES to more things now.  So my husband and I are going on a short vacation to Bend, Oregon with some friends.  
  • I continue to take supplements because I feel my body needs the support.  But it’s only 5-6 vitamins and minerals a day.  I never really took as many as most Lymies do because I think it’s too much for the body to handle.  I probably was at 15 – 20 pills a day at the most but not for long.  I can’t believe it when I hear someone say they take 60-80 pills a day.  
  • I continue some detoxing treatments because I feel amazing after and it is continuing to support my body.  

4 month Update, July 12, 2018: I am 85% healed now.

Here is amazing news!

I was diagnosed with CIRS/Mold Illness December 2017.  I had all the mold in my home remediated because my house was making me sick.  I have been fine since the remediation.  However, I have a second home that also has high levels of mold.  In fact one part of the house is higher than my main home was.  

Before DNRS I would have a debilitating migraine (sometimes ER level) every time I went to my second home.  Now I can go there with out having migraines. That’s amazing!

I have not treated my mold illness.  


6 month Update, September 5, 2018: I am 85% healed.

I got a bit lax on the program for about a month.  This was die to some health issues that would not go away and new issues. So in month 5 I refocused and I am back at it.   I still feel 85% better and it’s mostly anxiety that is bad. Insomnia is still a problem. I think this is my limbic system fighting the rewiring. It’s normal.  Once I get the anxiety and insomnia better I know I will be HEALED!  So I am sticking to the program every day.  They said the average is 6 months so I’m just at that point.  I will keep going until I am healed.  

I am grateful every day for:

  • My husband, my dog and cat
  • My amazing, beautiful, neuroplastic brain.  It is being rewired!
  • My DNRS buddies!  
  • My supportive family and friends
  • My amazing body for being able to heal.
  • NO MORE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! – It’s amazing that I was on SO many drugs for 22 years and now I am 85% healed without them!  Wow!  Please remember that most prescriptions drugs mask symptoms and DO NOT treat the CAUSE.  So of course, you can’t heal with our treating the cause.  And most most people with a chronic illness have multiple causes.  Check out what you need to look at to heal.

I also continue to remember to increase my DOSE chemicals throughout the day.  

D = Dopamine

O= Oxytocin



These are your happy chemicals in the brain.  And when your brain is stuck in a rut or loop the unhappy stress hormones are very much active.  This is because of past patterns. Those hormones are Cortisol, Norepinephrine and Adrenaline.  When these are activated for too long the body does not function properly and it creates poor health.  So keep those DOSE chemicals coming every day all day!  REWIRE, REWIRE, REWIRE!

7 month Update, October 1, 2018: I am 90% healed.

I decided to stop all treatments at my Naturopathic doctor. The health issues that were lingering and new ones were stressing me out too much. Constant IVs=stress

I trust that the DNRS will work so I will only do my treatments and detoxing at my house on my own. No more needles.

I continue to do my DNRS practice daily. I am extremely grateful for my buddy Theresa. We support each other and are doing buddy rounds almost daily. ❤️❤️