My Implant

Great News!

I don’t need my implant anymore. After treating at the Fach Klinik in 2017 my daily migraine of 20+ years is not daily anymore.  In fact, it’s very infrequent.  This is the most amazing thing ever!  

There are several possible reasons for my occasional migraine.  

  1. Jarish-Herxheimer Reaction
  2. Trigger
  3. Still have some things that cause migraines that I have not treated. Candida, parasites and heavy metal toxicity are the possibilities.  

I cured my chronic daily migraine!


Implant Journey:
I received my Neuro-Stimulator Implant from The Reed Migraine Center in Dallas, Texas July 18, 2013.  I am so happy I have my implant!!!   Thank you Dr. Bulger!!

I keep my stimulator on 24 hours a day because I have chronic daily migraines.  If I turn it off then I will have a migraine in less than 1/2 hour.  I have 80% of the migraine pain gone.  Which is HUGE!  Going from everyday 24/7 to 80% gone is amazing.

I have 4 leads.  2 leads in my neck and 2 leads over my eyebrows.  I have tingling in my head 24 hours a day.  I can adjust each lead individually too.  Which is huge because sometimes with migraines one side of my head is having worse pain.  I haven’t had any pain in the back of my head since the stimulator has been turned on.  I have had a few chargers break and then it’s back to the emergency room.

The trial is easy and best way to determine if this implant will work for you.  I know some people who only have an Occipital Nerve Stimulator (ONS) but mine is more than that.  I have 2 leads over the occipital nerves and 2 leads over my eyebrows over the Supra Orbital nerves.  I definitely would not have relief if I only had the ONS.  I’m always happy to answer any questions if you email me.

I wish everyone had the opportunity to do this to see if would get rid of their pain.

It is not a cure!  Please know if you do this that it is not a cure.  It masks the migraine pain.  My implant has been a key stepping stone in figuring out the cause of my migraines.  As of the beginning of 2017, I still get 80% relief and an very happy I have it.  But, as you can see on my blog I have determined the causes of my daily migraine and have been treating since November 2015. See here.

You can read about that journey here :  My Migraine – Lyme Journey

If you have had this implant or a different one for your migraines I would love to hear how you are doing.  Also, please check out Neural Therapy because you may need to treat your scars.

Check our this article about The Reed Procedure 

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