Lending Library

I created this Lending Library because it is really expensive for people to buy every DVD they would like to see on Lyme Disease.  If you are interested in borrowing a DVD you must agree to the following rules:

  1. DVD’s can not be copied.
  2. Any DVD you borrow must be returned.
  3. Don’t borrow a DVD is you are not ready and have the time to watch it within a few weeks of receiving it.
  4. You must be willing to pay for return shipping for the DVD.
  5. Please remember you are borrowing a DVD that someone else wants to watch after you so please take care of it and ship it back in good condition.
  6. Only one DVD can be checked out at time.  Once it is returned you can check out another one.

Here is the list of DVD’s that I own and are available to borrow   Click here to contact me to borrow a DVD.


Review of Lyme Disease Diagnosis & Treatment by Dr. Raphael Stricker  
Under Our Skin 1, Directors Cut  Open Eye Pictures


Under Our Skin 2,  Emergence  Open Eye Pictures


Putting Lyme Behind You by Dr. Joseph Burrascano  
Getting Healthy Again Conference by Dr. Ann Corson & Dr. Chris Green