Lyme Disease FAQ’s

How can I avoid Lyme Disease?

Prevention is the only Cure! 

  1. My Blog Post 5/15/17
  2. I use deet free products with Lemon-Eucalyptus essential oils.  I use sprays from Kesh Naturals and spray from Amrita Auromatherapy and bracelets on amazon from Qhiti
  3. Consumer Reports advice on Bug Repellants, May 13, 2015.

What do I do if I get bit?

  1. Follow these tips for tick removal
  2. Get the tick tested at Bay Area Lyme Foundation

What are some options to determine whether or not I have Lyme Disease?

  1. Start with your Primary Care Physician [PCP] to rule out other diseases.
    • See any specialists that you and your PCP feel necessary.
    • Go with your gut!  Don’t just accept diagnosis’s.
  2. Check your symptoms on the Lyme Research Alliance Symptom List.
  3. Find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor [LLMD] on the Doctor Referral System on the  Lyme Disease Association, Inc. website.
  4. Find a Naturopathic Doctor.
  5. Find an Integrative Medicine Doctor.
  6.  Complete The Lyme-MSIDS Questionnaire by Dr. Horowitz.
  7. Check your symptoms at
  8. Talk to other Lyme Disease patients via online blogs and forums.
  9. Again, GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING!  I didn’t accept the first 4 diagnosis’s.  I felt something was deeply wrong based on knowing my body.  I did have NUMEROUS tests before going to a LLMD.