Letters 4 Lyme

Welcome to Letters 4 Lyme!

This is a new idea I am trying to start.  I feel all Lyme Warriors need support during different stages of their healing journey. One way to get support is to sign up for Letters 4 Lyme.

These letters are personal letters from other Lyme Warriors or Warriors in general that offer you words of inspiration or encouragement or a bit of comedy to cheer you up.  

Lyme Disease can rob us of our mind and soul and it helps to hear encouragement from others that have been through this or have supported loved ones through this. 

You can sign up to receive and/or write letters.  Letters can include cards, post cards and/or emails.  

Choose which you would like to do below.  Receive letters, write letters or both.  

It’s like having a pen pal.

Enjoy the letters!


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