Getting Healthy

Getting healthy takes a lot when you have a chronic illness and so many infections inside you.  But, I believe it needs to be approached holistically so I have decided to look at everything in my life and everything I put in my body.

Eating   Drinking  Exercising Socializing ♥ Cleansing ♥ Cleaning ♥

Healing Treatments ♥ Mindfulness ♥ 


I had a food sensitivity test and stayed away from those foods for a long time but I didn’t notice a difference.  So tried just eliminating sugar and gluten.  I didn’t notice a difference so I continued eating gluten and limit my sugar.  I also have been allergic to the protein in cow’s milk since I was a kid so I stay away from cow stuff too.  

I don’t take artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers such as aspartame and MSG.  MSG is hidden in many foods.  Even when a restaurant (Chinese) states they don’t have MSG in their foods its usually not true.  Most people don’t know the hidden sources of MSG.  Here are a few links:

I juice vegetable every day and drink lemon water.

If you want to try to eat clean and if you need help doing a 21-Sugar Detox I recommend contacting Katie. Check out her website at Clean Eating with Katie.



Walking is one of the best exercises.  It’s easy and gets me outside.  I do light hiking and am ready to get back to boxing.


Having a good support system when you have a chronic illness is so important.  It’s really essential to getting better.  I am really lucky to have a supportive husband and family and great friends.  There’s nothing like a night out with the girls!  I also have reconnected with some local friends than also have illnesses and am so happy for that because we can support each other and learn from each other on our path to getting healthy.   I do love connecting with everyone through social media but getting out with friends is extremely important.  ♥ Husband ♥ Family ♥ Friends ♥ Animals ♥


Years ago I switched my cosmetics and facial and body cleansers to natural products and over the years I have found new products I love.   I switched my cleaning products and require my house cleaner to only use my products and only my vacuum cleaner.  I use natural makeup products and now all my soaps, shampoos and conditioners are only natural products.  Check out a few articles about chemicals to avoid.  Don’t panic – make slow changes.  You don’t need much soap, shampoo and conditioner so pay a bit more for quality ingredients that are not harmful.






  • OSEA Malibu – I discovered this company at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa in 2015.   I use the Ocean Cleansing Mudd daily.  My favorite product is the Essential Corrective Complex.I have had several pre-cancerous spots on my face, arms and chest frozen off by a dermatologist over the years from many severe sunburns as a kid.  One spot under my eye was treated 3 times and was never went away. It was still red and peeling. I used the Essential Corrective Complex twice a day for 3 months and it went away. 
  • 100% Pure – I’ve been using these products for years.  I love their makeup.  Their hair care products and nail polish are great too.
  • Schmidts Naturals for toothpaste and deodorant
  • Simple Sugars This I discovered at a drugstore and then saw her on Shark Tank. I love scrubs!
  • Susan Posnick– I recently discovered this Brush on Block.  30SPF and it fits easy in my purse.  Her lipsticks are nice too.
  • Kesh NaturalsReally nice lip balm and cream.
  • More coming soon


My Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe:

Mix together the following three items:   (1) Shred 1 bar of Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap (what ever scent you like),  (2) 1 cup of Borax and (3) 1 cup of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda.  I use only 1 tablespoon per wash.  Because of the mold in our house we had to wash everything with borax but I sometimes still use it.  You can make the detergent with borax if you prefer.  Also, ditch the dryer sheets and use wool balls.  You can add any pure essential oil on the balls before you throw them in the dryer.  You can make them or buy them at stores. 

Here is a list of some companies cleaning products I like:


EO Products

ECOS Laundry Detergent

Seventh Generation 

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day


I am not a doctor so check with your doctor before starting any treatments.  These are some I have tried and some I still do.






Lymphatic and Relaxation Massage


Dry Brushing for the Lymphatic System

Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas is one of my new FAVORITE treatments.  It’s not bad at all and you do it at home by yourself so it’s really easy.  My doctor and many in lyme patients highly recommended me doing these.  I can’t believe all the benefits and conditions that can heal from coffee enemas.   Here are some articles that give good information.  And check out My Progress page for what I do.  Enjoy your CoffeeE!!  

Gutsy – Caroline

Mind Body Green

Raw Wisdom

HoneyColony – 10 Amazing Benefits of Coffee Enemas


I’d love to hear your thoughts on these products or others you like.  As always……more to come.