Germany Treatment Center


Below is information about why I decided to leave the USA and travel to Germany for Lyme Disease treatment.  It will tell you the following:

  • Where and when did I go?
  • What is Hyperthermia Treatment?
  • Why did I go?
  • What was my condition when I left?
  • How is my current condition?

Fach Klinik, Bad Salzhausen, Deutschland 

We, my husband and I arrived on Sunday, February 26, 2017.  The clinic had a driver pick us up at the Frankfurt airport when we arrived.  After an efficient customs process and about an hour drive we arrived at the clinic before noon.  We were taken inside and shown to our 2 bed room and then given a quick tour of the clinic.  We met with a doctor that day and started infusions that evening.  That evening I began my 21 days of vitamin and detox.

The main treatment here is Whole-Body Hyperthermia.  I was scheduled to have 2 during my 3 week stay.  It took us a good few days to settle in and calm my nerves.  I was happy to be here with 24/7 nursing care but my anxiety level was thru the roof when I left home.  It’s hard to make a decision to go over 5,000 miles away from and and to be in a foreign country for medical care.  I was extremely stressed about the hyperthermia treatment but after my first one I was fine.

Whole Body Hyperthermia (HT)

What is it?  Basically the heat your entire body up to almost 107 degrees Fahrenheit. I got to 106.34F during my first treatment and 106.70F the second time.

Why do they do this?  Generally, HT kills off stuff and most importantly boosts your immune system.  Just like when you get a fever with a flu.  The fever is your bodies way of fighting off an infection.  Here is an article that explain it much better than I can. Pro-Health Article

How did it go? Good!  It was easy because they put you to sleep during the entire process.  It’s about 3 hours in total.  Your body is heated up and brought back down under close supervision of a doctor and nurse.  Your blood pressure and core body temperature is monitored the entire time.  When you are awakened you are REALLY hot and sweaty but also very tired.  You then are in a recovery area for at least another 2 hours.  You are give at least 3 liters of fluid to keep you hydrated as well during the procedure.  My recovery was bad the first time because I had a migraine for 24 hours after the treatment.  Some people don’t but it’s not uncommon. The second time I only had a migraine in the morning.  Yes, I do have a neuro-stimulator implant which works 80% of the time but heating your body to almost 107 degrees is not a regular occurrence so it’s hard for the stimulator to work.  I had my first HT treatment on the first Wednesday after arriving at the clinic and my second one 12 days later on Monday, March 13.  The clinic also does local HT for cancer patients.

  • First Hyperthermia 106.34F
  • Second Hyperthermia 106.70F

March 18, 2017:  This morning I had my last infusions at the clinic.  I am feeling 30% better than the day I arrived.  It’s a good start to getting better.  I’m really glad I came.  I have specific infusions to do twice a week for the next few months.  I’ve was told that most people get better about 5-6 months after leaving the clinic so I am hopeful that this will be me too.

April 15, 2017:  I started my post-Germany infusion protocol with my Naturopathic Doctor as soon as I got back from Germany.  I go 2-3 days a week.  I get infusions of Vitamin C, L-Caritine and Lymphdiaral and a variety of other injections when I am there.  

I also started Ozone Major Auto-hemotherapy (MAH) again.  What is MAH?   Ozone has been extremely helpful for me so I am continuing that in addition to my other infusions.   I have been having bad migraines since I got home from Germany and I have not been successful with the coffee enemas but I know I will get there by increasing the number of enemas I do per day.  Read about Coffee Enemas here

And I give myself a Thymus Peptide injection twice a week.  The Thymus is gland which is in your chest behind your sternum which is essential in regulating your immune system response.  The injections will boost or strengthen the immune system.  I was getting these injections at the clinic and brought home the medicine and supplies to do it myself.

July 2017:  I am feeling about 60% better.  Still doing IV ozone and working with a Naturopathic Doctor.  Doing lots of detoxing and I bought a portable infared sauna.  So I do doffee enemas, sauna, epsom salt baths and drink lemon water for detoxing.  I’m still taking many supplements too.

August 30, 2017:  I finished all my Germany protocol and was continuing IV ozone infusions.  I was feeling much better and having many more good days each week.  I felt about 70% better but then around the beginning of the September I started to get worse.  I basically was in bed for 3 weeks and I’m still not back to where I was.  So I decided to go back to Germany for 2 weeks and 2 more hyperthermia treatments.  I was told when I left Germany that this might happen and that at 5-6 months out I would know whether or not I need to come back.  So this isn’t unexpected and it makes sense to go and boost my immune system again.  If I got so much better initially then it makes sense to continue this path.  I felt myself going back to 60% and didn’t want to get worse.

December 16, 2017  My second trip to Fach Klinik went really well.  I did the 14-day Lyme Package which costs 12,000 Euros.  See below for the info on the 21 day costs the first trip I did.  I don’t think everyone needs to go twice but I felt it was best for me.  I’ve been sick since 1995 and really felt my immune system needed more of a boost.

During the second trip I did 2 hyperthermia treatments and 14 days of infusions that included detoxing and vitamins.  

I feel I am 75% now


Why did I go to Germany?

February 1, 2017:  I decided that after one year and 3 months of being told I have Lyme Disease and NOT getting any better, in fact I am getting worse, I am going to Germany for treatment. I have seen 3 Lyme Literate MD’s (LLMD) and I am not happy with any of them.   Yes, great I have 3 LLMD’s in my area but none of them have been helping me.  I have spend many months trying to find the right place to go and nothing in the USA feels like a good place for me.  The place I am going (I feel) has everything I need to heal from this horrific debilitating  disease.  I have a pre and post protocol to follow.  I don’t expect to come back in 3 weeks 100% better.  I am realistic. I know the pre and post protocols are essential to getting better.  But I am extremely hopefully this will be my key turning point in getting better. The main reason I like the place I am going is because I can live there.  It includes all the food and all treatments and a place to live with 24/7 nursing care.  That is what I have felt I needed for months.  Sadly, they do not have these place in the USA.  But I need 24 hour care.  I know that is hard for some people to understand but like a Lyme friend told me long time ago.  “You don’t get it until you get it”.  So unless you have Lyme you can not understand what the horrific disease and horrific unbearable debilitating pain feels like.


I can not even comprehend myself how much pain I am in.  I can’t even stick to the pain scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) because this pain is so far away from a 10 that it’s even hard for me to understand how this is so bad and why this is happening.  I try to explain to people how bad it is and I can’t explain it clearly enough.  I feel like I am dying 7 days a week mostly 24/7.  I usually have about 10 hours in a 168 hour week that I feel a bit better.  I am never pain-free.  I learn to live with a tolerable level.  If I stick to the pain scale of 1 to 10 , I have been living at an 8, 9 and 10 for the past 2 weeks.  I am limited by the government and the doctors on how much pain meds I get per day.  I constantly wonder how any person can think that is ok.  I get so angry and frustrating at our medical community about how they feel this is ok or that they still think I make this up.  I then try and take a step back and relax and just focus on getting better.  If I had cancer I would have a medical community that would be understanding and sympathetic but I do not so I have to take control and my husband has to take over taking care of me.  Months ago I made my husband buy a chair for our shower.  That’s how bad it is.  I can not stand and take a shower which is something most people take for granted.  Last week, again, I mentioned how much worse the pain is to my LLMD and his response was “well you have to get rid of the infections in your body”.  So basically buy 12 more supplements and take them for 15 weeks and your infections will be better.  WTH?  So, it’s ok with him to suffer at a level 8, 9 and 10 while I take his list of CRAP!  No, that is not ok with me.  Yes, I am angry!  I have tried my best to follow his and other LLMD’s protocol and I am worse.  I now feel that someone is shooting electricity through my body.  How fun is that?  How is that ok?  So our government and most doctors think I either am an addict or I will become one so they will not give me more pain meds.  If I was an addict I would not be breaking my pain pills in half to ration them.  If I was an addict I would not be carefully monitoring how much I take per day and when I took them.  If I was an addict I would be visiting multiple doctors to try and get more medicine.  If I was an addict I would not have signed an agreement with my pain specialist that basically states that I (1) agree to urine testing, (2) I agree to only get my pain meds from him and (3) I agree that I will not take street drugs.  Yes, of course, I am dependent on my pain medications.  There is a HUGE difference between addiction and dependence.  I am dependent on them to walk.  I am dependent on them to have a somewhat of a functioning life.  I do not get high from them.  Pain meds only reduce my unbearable pain to a tolerable level that most people can not comprehend.  No one would even consider taking away or limiting a diabetics insulin because they are dependent on it to live so stop trying to limit what I need to live.  Good article describing what I am saying. Thank you Suzanne Stewart, The Opioid Debacle.

About the Germany Treatment Center

The Fach Klinik is a treatment center for Lyme Disease and Cancer.  I contacted the clinic through consultants in the US but if you email me I can connect you so you can contact them directly.  The 14 day Lyme Package is 12,500 Euros as of my last visit October, 2017.  Here is how the clinic works.

  • It’s a 14 day treatment with the possibility of adding on an additional 7 days.  The 14 days includes 2 Whole Body Hyperthermia treatments. The additional days are more detoxing and immune support infusions.  
  • You live at the clinic and the price includes your food, all treatments and 24/7 nursing care.
  • For a nominal fee you can have someone stay with you at the clinic, 46 Euros/day.
  • The clinic has physical therapists, massage and a gym.
  • Treatments can include massage, foot reflexology, colon cleansing, coffee enemas, exercise, ozone and magnetic therapy.
  • Lab tests are done frequently to monitor your progress and are included in the daily fee.
  • They also do localized hyperthermia for cancer patients.
  • I paid a total of $17,000 for the following 21 days and it included:
    • EKG and other tests pre-hyperthermia
    • All blood tests
    • Room with a second bed for my husband
    • 24 hr Nursing care with a call button in the room like a hospital
    • Food for my husband and myself.
    • 2 hyperthermia treatments 
    • 21 days of detox and vitamin infusions (on different days)
    • Ozone IV and IM injections
    • Daily doctor visits by one or more doctors
    • Massage
    • Physical Therapy 
    • Full gym usage
    • O2 Step Workout
    • Includes Magnetic therapy but I can not do that because of my implant.


NOTE:  I am not a doctor and recommend you research and decide for yourself what treatments are best for you.  I only share my information to connect with others with challenges like myself.