DNRS Live Seminar

DNRS is the Dynamic Neural Retraining System created by Annie Hopper.  

Annie Hopper created this program after she researched how to heal herself from her illness.  Annie determined that all the illnesses/diagnoses she had were actually a brain injury.  She researched the science about Neuroplasticity and the Limbic System.  After she healed herself she created the DNRS program.  

DNRS is a drug-free science based program to rewire your brain to heal. You can purchase DVDs or attend a live seminar.  Here’s the link to what is available.

The success stories are AMAZING!  Check these out for yourself.  Find someone that has similar issues as you and watch their story.  It will give you hope that you too can heal.

I bought the DVDs in 2017 and got to DVD #3 when I got an email saying  a live seminar was coming near me.  I signed up right away and never finished the DVDs.

The live seminar was incredible!  You are fully immersed in the program for 5 days with a lot of practical time in small groups.  We had Annie and two other instructions Michelle and Christine.  Both Michelle and Christine each shared their journey with DNRS to heal. By day 5, I felt so much more hopeful that I too could get to 100%.

This program takes dedication and a lot of work but as you start to see little shifts in your life you stay motivated and keep going because you want to get your life back. 

My week at the DNRS Seminar

Seminar Day 1

The seminar starts in the evening on a Monday.  The location was the beautiful Skylonda Lodge in Woodside, California.  Since it was close to my house my husband dropped me off.  Once checked in to my luxury treehouse we took a nice hike around the facility and he headed home.  It was a full week with the first evening getting right into the program.  We met the instructors and the other participants and had a nice healthy dinner.  I knew two people at the seminar and one person was a HUGE trigger for me. I didn’t know if I could get through the 5 days.  I found out that during week we would be breaking up in 3 small groups so I decided to ask the instructors in the morning if they can make sure I am not in that participants group.  

Seminar Day 2

Thankfully, my request was granted.  They completely understood.  WHEW!!!!  Day two consisted of getting into the science of how the Limbic system works.  Basically, it’s our flight or fight system.  It serves a huge purpose but can get stuck in a trauma loop.  The DRNS program focuses on healing your limbic system and getting it out of the trauma loop.  Day 2 consisted of homework.  Unfortunately, I got a severe migraine (level 8 on the pain scale) that I didn’t do anything but lay with a wet wash cloth on my head.

Seminar Day 3

I made it thought the night but the pain was so bad so when I woke up I contacted the office at the lodge and had them leave a message with the DNRS instructors that I would not make it.  My husband was going to bring over a medication so hopefully I would make it for after lunch sessions.

Next thing I know one of the instructors was knocking at my door dragging me to class.  Well, not really dragging but she insisted that it was just my Limbic System and I needed the information being presented to heal the cross-wiring of it.  So, she waited until I put some clothes on and walked me to class.  I am so glad she did!  Thank you Michelle!!  

Day 3 was essential to learning the system.  I was in so much pain all day but I did it!  I am glad I did.  I needed to know that information.

Seminar Day 4

I did the homework!  YAH!!!  I still had a migraine but was able to complete the homework.  Thursday was another great day!  The food was amazing and I was getting to know many participants at the seminar.  Thankfully, I was able to avoid the participant that triggers me the entire week.

Seminar Day 5

Friday – final day!  Woohoo!  I have so much hope right now.  I know that I will get to 100% using this program.  I am 75% right now and am committed to doing my practice for a minimum of one hour per day.  

I will write my healing journey with DNRS as soon as I am healed.

Its happening!

It’s close!

I am not giving up until the miracle happens!



I am Happy

I am Healthy

I am Strong

I am Grateful for DNRS

I love my Life