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Acts of Kindness to Perform for People with Migraines

This is awesome!

Things to help when someone you know has a migraine.

Believe-Drive-Movie-Kids/Pets-Comfort Pack-Cook-Errands-No Perfume-Tea-Shop-Send Card

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Migraine Survivor Tips

ICE   I bought my Migra-Cap a couple of years ago and I love it.  I found it at  Mine is purple, the  migraine awareness color.  I don’t make money off of this I just wanted to share because I use it a lot.

Lavender I love the smell of lavender.  It’s so relaxing!  I have a roll-on for my temples and a hooty owl that I microwave.  I found the cute owl at Home Goods/TJ MAX but they do sell them online .  I also make my own shower fizzies.  I found an easy recipe online to make them.

Ginger  My house is always stocked with ginger which helps with nausea. Ginger ale and ginger beer (non-alcoholic) are my go to drinks.  I also have ginger root tincture for quick effect. Just put some in a little water and drink.

Peppermint Mints also help with my nausea.