Babesiosis (Babesia)

A Malaria like co-infection of Lyme Disease

It is one of the many infections you can get from a tick and can also be passed to others through blood.  Right now only one state in the USA tests donated blood for Babesiosis.  Just be happy I have never donated blood.

My symptoms

Electricity PainDrenching SweatsExtreme FatigueMigrainesMuscle AchesHip PainShortness of Breath AKA “Air Hunger”Burning Pain

My Tests Results (Igenix Lab)

                                      10/14/15      9/27/16

Babesia Microti Igm    Neg                 Neg

Babesia Microti IgG     Neg                 Neg

Babesia Duncani IgM     40             Not Tested

Babesia Duncani IgG      40             Not Tested


Step I:  Antibiotics for 3 and 1/2 months with no symptoms disappearing

Step II:  Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) IV  Ozone Therapy with a Naturopathic Doctor.  Symptoms of drenching sweats and air hunger disappeared after several months.

I continue to have daily migraines, hip pain, fatigue, burning pain and muscle aches.  However, many of those symptoms can be caused by other infections I have too.  My latest horrific symptom is that I feel like I have electricity shooting through my body.  Someone please unplug me!

Update 8/1/17:  I am 70% better!!!  See how I did it.

Germany Treatment Center

Coffee Enemas for migraine and detoxing

Ozone Therapy