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Cured my chronic daily migraine of 20 years by treating the CAUSES! #LymeWarrior #MigraineWarrior

What is Mycoplasma?

I’ve been reading more and more about Mycoplasma and I am shocked by what I am finding out.  I”m still in the learning phase about but feel it’s important to blog about.  

Apparently, most everyone (75%) with Lyme Disease have Mycoplasma.

I tested (high range) positive for Mycoplasma pneumonia, which is the most common one for Lymies.  It’s strange that not one of the 3 Lyme Literate MD’s (LLMD) I have seen every really discussed the results or the meaning of it.  I wish that they had because it seems to be really scary and important.  It was brought to my attention recently that women with cervical cancer have mycoplasma.  WOW!

Check out this article by RawlsMD about it. Understanding Mycoplasma

Lyme Disease is Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria and there are over 300 strains.  But everyone with Lyme Disease does not just have Borrelia they have co-infections as well.  So going forward I will refer to them as LymeC0’s.  And remember that Lyme is “The Great Imitator”.  Most people with MS, ALS, RA, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia and CFS are misdiagnosed.  These disease are actually caused by LymeCo’s.  So if you don’t treat the cause you will never get better.

What is Mycoplasma?  Mycoplasma is a bacteria and there are many types.  And like most LymeCo’s it can cause a wide range of symptoms making it difficult to diagnose.   

How do you contract this infection?  Mycoplasma can be from a bit of a tick, mosquitoe, flea or biting flies.  Mycoplasma can also be sexually transmitted.

What are some diseases/illinesses that are connected to having Mycoplasma infection?

  • Bronchitis
  • “Walking” pneumonia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) – The article states that 90% of people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis test positive for Mycoplasma.  WOW!  
  • MS
  • ALS
  • Parkinson’s 
  • Leukemia – WOW
  • Cervical and ovarian cancer – OMG!  I’ve heard of several people talking about the link of  cancerous cells to LymeC0’s.  
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Fibromyalgia* and Chronic fatigue
  • Gulf War Syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Hearing loss and ringing in the ears  –  had to add because I have this
  • Fertility problems
  • and more….

Remember that many of these have been known to be caused my LyemCO’s and Mycoplasma is considered a co-infection so there is definitely a connection.

Treatment of Mycoplasma

I guess one way would be antibiotics since it’s a bacterial infection. But I’ve read it can linger even after antibiotics.  I also read people treat with antimicrobials.

Another way would be natural methods.  Here are a couple of links.

Natural Remedies by Earth Clinic

Herbal Remedies by Goodbye Lyme

Herbs by Natural News

I’m shocked by this and I have so many questions.

  • Why doesn’t the medical community consider this important?
  • Could some cancer be prevented or treated differently if patients are testing for Mycoplasma early?
  • Should all these illnesses listed above be tested for this?
  • Would less people be suffering if this was tested?
  • Could lives have been saved if this was tested?
  • What about women who get miscarriages or can’t conceive?  If they treat this will this change that?  Pubmed link here.
  • Would there be less hysterectomies if the mycoplasma was treated?

I don’t know the answers but would like to keep learning more about Mycoplasma. I’d love to hear from others about this too.

I’ve had bronchitis many times and I’ve had the “walking” pneumonia as well.  So if it can linger after antibiotics then I guess that is why it is still in me.  What other problems of mine were or still are related to Mycoplasma?






I have lost all faith, trust and confidence in our medical community.


Because the medical doctors have failed me for over 20 years.

I have been 

  • disrespected,
  • dismissed,
  • treated like a drug addict,
  • bullied,
  • lied to,
  • told I can’t be a patient anymore because I could not drive an hour to my appointment with a level 8 migraine and throwing up, 
  • told I was just too stressed and that’s why I had debilitating symptoms,
  • told I need psychiatric medications when I was debilitated in pain, and
  • misdiagnosed for 20 years!


There is a cause to all symptoms!


You are not trained to heal any chronic illness!

You are only trained to give a label to symptoms and give pills to manage them.  The label is not a true diagnosis.  Determining the cause it the true diagnosis.  

Medical doctors are taught false information about Lyme Disease and Co-infections and that needs to change.  

All physicians need to stop dismissing Lyme as a possible diagnosis. The unreliable CDC recently up there estimate from 30,000 new cases a year to 300,000. However, because it is misdiagnosed it has been estimated that the number is closer to 2,000,000 new cases each year based on the number of misdiagnosed and undiagnosed patients.  



It does not matter

  • that a person does not remember getting bit by a tick
  • if they did not get a bulls-eye rash
  • that the test you did came back negative
  • that they live in California or any state for that matter

If you thought your patient had a heart or nerve problem you would send them to that particular specialist. So, please send patients to a Lyme specialist instead of telling them they need to see a psychiatrist. And stop giving everyone a Fibromyalgia diagnosis because there is a CAUSE to their pain.

Lyme is extremely EASY to get


extremely difficult treat once it becomes chronic.

There was only 1 doctor in 20 years that actually said I don’t know what is wrong but I’m going to try and figure it out. That doctor didn’t just give me a diagnosis and say goodbye. That doctor believed my pain and debilitating symptoms.

You may not think you do not have Lyme but you have a high probability of having it if you suffer from chronic migraine or have any mental health issues.

There is a cause to your symptoms!

The “headache” specialists failed me for 20 years.  They NEVER tried to figure out the CAUSE.  They would just say “I don’t know why you have a migraine everyday”  or that migraine is hereditary.  I went to “top” headache doctors and they are clueless. They only give pills to abort a migraine or pills to take daily to prevent them.  I believed them!  I was clueless and naive myself.  I was taught to trust medical doctors.  I was wrong to trust them and I spent 20 years suffering for no reason at all.  

I cured my daily migraine of 20 years!

Lyme testing is inaccurate the only doctor that can rule it out is a Lyme Literate MD.

There are many viral and bacterial infections that do cause migraines and any mental health disorders.  So ask why you have these symptoms and if they don’t have an answer see a different doctor.  

****You will not get it until you get it****

When I Find Myself Living in “Lyme Hell”

Thank you to the online site The Mighty for publishing my article. The Mighty publishes stories of real people living life with serious illinesses.  These stories can help others who feel alone at times.  We help each other by sharing and reading each other’s stories.  So here is one of mine.

When I Find Myself Living in “Lyme Hell”



May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #31 We Are Warriors!

Today is final day of my 2017 Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Posts! I think I did more post this month than I’ve done the entire time of my blog.  Not really but it’s been a lot of writing this month.  So I hope you have learned something about this horrific, debilitating and potential fatal disease.  Prevention is the only cure!

Raising awareness is really important because

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Chronic Lyme Disease exists! 

Millions of people like me are not faking it!  

Please don’t judge us!  

We are fighting an invisible battle that you know nothing about!


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If you suffer from Lyme Disease like I do remember:

You are a warrior!

Your life matters!

You are strong!

You will get better!

#KellyClarkson  What Doesn’t Kill You Makes you Stronger!


By A Migraineur’s Life w/ Lyme Disease



May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #29 The Financial Cost of Lyme

Having Lyme Disease is a huge financial burden.  I’ve mentioned before that 90% of treatments to heal from Lyme Disease are not covered by insurance.  So what does it cost to have Chronic Lyme Disease?

Obviously, if depends on what you can afford.  We pay medical premiums for years hoping to never need care but when you have a disease that is denied by the CDC your insurances will not reimburse you anyways.  

Lyme Literate MD’s (LLMD) are expensive:  When you make an appointment for a LLMD you must pay 1/2 of of the visit cost up front.  YES!  REALLY!  No co-pays!  So, where I live LLMD’s are around $600 for your first visit.  So when you make the appointment you have to pay $300 on your credit card.  If you are too sick to make the appointment and you have to cancel you are out $300.  

At my first visit the LLMD wanted to run a lot of blood tests to confirm I had Lyme.  She highly suspected it but wanted to confirm.  Those blood test was around $1,200. Payment up front and you can try and get money back from your insurance later.  Good luck!  

Then they recommend more testing at further visits, prescriptions and about 15 supplements at each visit.  Then every 3 months when you see them again it is around $450 for 1/2 hour and more testing is recommended and more supplements. 

  • LLMD First Visit:  $600
  • Lyme Testing over $1,000
  • Second Lyme Visit and future visits $450 for 1/2 hour
  • Supplements at each visit $100 to $500
  • Other testing $300 to $800
  • Prescriptions costs depend on your medical plan

So after one year you are basically out of pocket or in debt just for doctor visits around $2,000 and testing and supplements they recommend another $1,000-$3000.  Then prescriptions if you get any.  Most Lyme treatments are considered alternative therapy and not covered by insurance but you must do alternative treatments to heal.  These alternative treatments may be necessary for years and years. 

Some doctors recommended regular infusions or they tell you do other testing outside of their office or other therapies on your own.  Most of us have pain pain and spend a lot of money trying alternative solutions to get off opioids.   If you are like me, you end up in the ER a lot and those co-pays add up too. 

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics
  • Genetic testing for Lyme and Mold is recommended
  • Inflammatory marker blood tests are recommmend
  • Organic food
  • Epsom Salt Baths
  • Magnesium baths
  • Coffee Enemas
  • Medical Marijuana if you want help with pain or sleep without prescription drugs
  • Mold testing for your home
  • Removal of amalgam fillings
  • Lymphatic system support like dry brushing, rebounding and massage
  • Ozone treatments 
  • Naturopathic appointments
  • Heavy metal testing and chelation treatments 
  • Special things to take when herxing
  • Talk therapy to help you deal with all of this
  • Supportive drops and herbs to take daily
  • Check out my list of stuff here.

Now, think if you are on a limited budget and had to pick and choose what tests to run and which supplements to buy to try and heal.  Because you don’t know what may help and you are so desperate to feel better you can go broke trying everything recommended.  

I do understand why some medical professionals think LLMD’s are a scam.  Most MD’s don’t believe in alternative treatments so if it’s not a prescription drug they think it’s a joke or scam.  So when people who are so sick keep buying stuff from LLMD’s and get sicker and sicker or take years to get better they don’t believe they are legitimate doctors.   LLMD’s are MD’s with added training to consider themselves Lyme specialists.  But when Chronic Lyme Disease is denied by our government and doctors don’t believe it exists of course they think LLMD’s are a scam.

Personally, I think our entire medical system in this county is disgusting.  Our government wants to keep us sick.  They are drug pushers because that is where the money is.  Fibromyalgia was not considered a disease until a drug company came up with drugs to help people.  Funny thing is most don’t work.  Gotta wonder if people really have Fibromyalgia.  Come up with a name for symptoms, make a drug for it and yes, you have a legitimate disease.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe the suffering is real!  The pain is real!  Of course I believe anyone that says they have pain because I’ve been a chronic pain sufferer for 21 years.  

Big Pharmaceutical companies are all about making money and not about healing and helping people.  Researching and developing drugs is not about helping people it’s all about money.  CDC people are tied to big pharma and make decisions based on how much money they will make or lose.  Big pharma can charge huge amounts of money for a drug just because they can.  Some of the same drugs we pay thousands of dollars for are cheap in other countries.  Same with insurance companies.  Deny, Deny Deny is their policy.  They are focused on the bottom line not about getting people healed.  

I could go on and on about out horrible medical system and discuss the pros and cons of the  Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) or the potential American Health Care Act but it’s not worth it.  The bottom line is millions of people are suffering in this county and nothing is being done about it.  

It’s maddening!

So I’ll leave you with this to think about:

Oncologists make money from Chemotherapy drugs!  Yes, Chemotherapy drugs are the only drug in this county that doctors can resell for a profit.  That is why they push cancer patients on chemo.  When you get cancer you fear the worst so oncologists push chemo at your fear.   Talk about a scam.  Cancer doctors are against  natural treatments and push chemo because there is a lot of money to be made.  And there have been studies that show 97% of chemo does not work.  So if you think LLMD’s are a scam then you have to agree that oncologists are scammers too.





May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #28: The Do-it-Yourself Disease!

Lyme is a do-it-yourself-disease but what does that mean?

I have blogged about a lot of different information about Lyme Disease this month and there is still more out there but why is it called a do-it-yourself disease?

Basically because everyone with Chronic Lyme Disease has to figure out how to get better by themselves.  

When you start to feel sick you go to your primary care physician (PCP).  When your PCP doesn’t have an answer they send you to a specialist.  When the specialist doesn’t have an answer for you they give up and send you to a psychiatrist because they think your symptoms are “all in your head”.  The main stream medical community just gives up.  

But let’s say you eventually make it to a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) which most people don’t and you get a diagnosis of Lyme Disease.  Then what?



I finally got a diagnosis after 19 years of being sick!


I feel better now!  

Finally I am validated by a medical doctor!

I finally know why I have had a migraine every day for 2 decades!

I will now get better!

But unfortunately it’s not simple to heal and no one really knows the best treatments for you to heal.  But you want to feel better so you keep going to the LLMD.   You constantly read and research your disease to try and understand it.  

But going to an LLMD isn’t a simple answer.  Every LLMD has a different thought and approach to help you get better because there is not a specific treatment plan to follow to heal.  LLMD’s are not like your regular doctor or medical plan.  If you have problems, questions or side effects to what they have given you can not simply contact them for help.  And since most of the things you buy from are not prescription medications you can not just ask another doctor a questions about it.  

So what do you do?

Basically, you try and take their advice but if you do not research and learn from other Lymies about healing and treatments and detoxing you will not get better!  You will not get better by just following what one LLMD says.  You need to figure out yourself what is best for you.  

I have have been to 3 LLMD’s and I don’t feel any of them really helped me.  Each one had a completely different approach.  After a year and a half I was worse so I had to take matters into my own hands.  I had to decide myself what I felt was best for me.  I decided Germany and my local Naturopathic Doctor.  At this time I am not seeing an LLMD.  

We grow up believing in our medical doctors.  We are taught that they are there too help us and they will help us.  But it is not true.  When you have a disease that is denied by the medical community you have no choice but to figure it our yourself.






May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #27 #WEARENOTADDICTS

What does this hashtag even mean?  #WEARENOTADDICTS

There seems to be an attack or war against chronic pain patients like myself in this country and it is getting worse every day.  

Our government says there is an “opioid epidemic”  or an “opioid crisis” in this country without really giving you the whole picture.  They encourage the media to write big attracting headlines calling everyone who uses opioids an addict.  They take away the judgment of a doctor and come between them and their patient.  They have scared so many physicians that many have stopped prescribing opioids all together.  They have come out with stricter guidelines that only cause harm to legitimate chronic pain sufferers.  

I have been a chronic pain sufferer for 21 years and I have been treated very poorly by the medical community and it has gotten worse in the last year because there is a war against people like me.  

Let me explain to you the difference between a chronic pain sufferer and an addict because they are two completely different people.  

Chronic pain sufferers

  • do not make up pain
  • would love for people to believe us and stop judging us
  • are regular people who do not want to live a life in pain
  • are people who had a “life” or career before becoming a sufferer
  • did not choose to live with a chronic disease
  • we did not do anything wrong to deserve this pain or judgmental treatment from others
  • we try to stay hopeful that some day we won’t wake up suffering so much
  • we try so hard every day to get better and just accomplish one normal task a day
  • take pain medications to live a “normal” life
  • take pain medications just to get out of bed and function like a “normal” person
  • take pain medications to get to a tolerable level of pain not to eliminate it completely because for most of us that is impossible
  • volunteers to do random drug testing at their doctors to constantly prove to them that they are not taking street drugs or drugs from other physicians.  Yes, we have to sign a contract with our pain specialists. 
  • agree to meet their physicians on a regular basis and try non-drug alternatives to reduce their suffering
  • do not want to get “high”
  • break pills in half to reduce the dosage because they are limited on how many pills they are prescribed.  so, yes, we suffer more than we say.
  • break pills in half to see if they can get to a tolerable level on a lower dose
  • have no choice but do become dependent on their pain medications because that is what happens to you without your control
  • we would love to never have to see a doctor again
  • we constantly feel guilty of being a burden to our family and friends
  • we are jealous of you
  • we do not want to live like this

What is an Addict?

  • drug addiction is a brain disease according to NIDA
  • some may have started out in pain but end up having a drug addiction disease
  • may lie about being in pain to get medications
  • take drugs to get high or the next fix
  • go broke trying to get drugs to get high
  • some addicts resort to street drugs
  • some addicts shop doctors to get prescriptions
  • some may have started out in pain but enjoy the high so constantly seek it out
  • make all of us legitimate pain sufferers look like them

Dependence vs Addiction

Dependence usually refers to physical dependence.  For example, if you were in a coma and every day you received opioid medications you would become dependent on it and would wake up and have most likely have withdrawal symptoms if you were not given it again.  Your have no choice in it.  So if you take it as prescribed your body will become dependent on it and you will have withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop.   So, most people who are on it long term take less and less as they heal.  That’s if they have a condition they can heal from.  But if you stop suddenly and have been on it a while you will go through withdrawals which is a variety of symptoms.  The withdrawal is physical.  It’s your body having a reaction from the substance being out of your system.  So you can be physically dependent on it without being an addict.  The frustrating part is most people think you are automatically going to be an addict once you start the meds which is not the case for majority of people.  There are many other drugs that cause dependence besides opioids but the government has put fear inside the heads of physicians so some will abruptly stop prescribing it and the person will suffer immensely.  The suffering is physical not psychological.  Think about people who drink caffeine every day.  They can become dependent on it and suffer withdrawals like headaches if they stop drinking it suddenly.  Easiest way to get off caffeine is to wean yourself off.  


Addiction is a different behavior all together.  It’s psychological.  It’s a compulsive behavior.  An addict is craving the high or the euphoric feeling they get from the drug.  They like it.  They feel it makes them function better but it’s not true.  An addicts life will completely change for the worse.  They won’t realize the harmful behavior and will do anything or spend a lot of money to get the drug or different drugs.  It will effect their home, school and work life for the worse.

Lastly, people dependent on their opioid medications will function better.  They can live a normal life.  They can get out of bed, shower, eat breakfast, go to work, socialize with friends.

There is a chronic pain crisis in this country and no one is addressing it!  They are so focused on talking about opioids and restricting opioids from people that need it.


My prior post on opioids here.