Thank you for checking out my blog and store.  

My blog discusses my life living 20+ years of chronic pain.  I have chronic daily migraines and lyme disease.  I had chronic daily migraines for almost 18 years until I received my implant in 2013.  November, 2015 I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  See Bay Area Lyme Foundation for more information on Lyme Disease.  I am learning that my migraines and other medical issues are due to Lyme Disease and the co-infection I have Babesiosis (Babesia).  I have also been told, based on symptoms that I have other lyme co-infections (Bartonella and Ehrlichiosis).  This is a blog to share information and meet others who also have migraines and lyme disease.  

My Store is where I sell the fun jewelry I create (and my sister).  I love making jewelry from gift cards.  I also specialize in making Lyme and Migraine Awareness Jewelry.  A portion of the proceeds from the Lyme (lime ribbon) and Migraine (purple ribbon) Awareness Jewelry are donated to charity.  Check out Punchy Jewelry

NOTE:  I am not a doctor and do not recommend anything I do.  I do not give medical advice on any treatments that I have or have not done.  Please see your medical professional to decided if a treatment is right for you.  I do not know what  treatment is right for anyone else but myself.