Tweet Fest for Lyme Disease Awareness #FindACure4Lyme

Want to help raise more awareness about Lyme Disease?  If so, we need your help!

There is a group on Facebook that is organizing a tweet fest for awareness.  The link to the Facebook group is here.  It’s a private group that you join. It is a support group too. Even if you do not have Lyme Disease you can join the group and the tweet fest.  We need as many people as possible tweeting.  Please share this blog or links to the Facebook groups to your family and friends.  

Sign up for twitter here if you don’t already have an account.  Here is a video on how to use twitter.

Here is how it works:

  • The Hashtag #FindACure4Lyme will be used for the tweet fest.
  • You are allowed 100 tweets per hour before they may throw you into twitter jail. But sometimes within 10 minutes, maybe longer, you can start tweeting again.
  • You can follow others in the group on twitter and retweet their tweets or start your own tweet using the #FindACure4Lyme
  • You can tweet to celebrities who have Lyme Disease. Here is the list
  • You can share your twitter handle in the Facebook group so others can follow.
  • You can also share your story during the tweet fest.  If you have a video story you can tweet the link to it and the #FindACure4Lym
  • May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month so we can tweet many times before May and do a big push during May.






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