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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #23: What about a cure?

Don’t believe anyone (even a doctor) that tells you Lyme Disease is hard to get and easy to cure because that isn’t true.  And don’t believe anyone (even a doctor) that tells you Lyme doesn’t exist in you state because that isn’t true either.  Lyme is every where in the world except Antartica.  Once Lyme Disease is chronic it’s extremely difficult to treat.  See my prior posts about the politics, denial and lies about Lyme Disease if you missed it.

But what about a cure?  


There is no known cure!

If there was a cure for Lyme Disease us Lymies would not be suffering so much.  But the patients are the ones to suffer while the medical community and the government continue to fight over whether Chronic Lyme Disease exists.  It’s maddening!

We suffer in many way:

  • We are told we don’t have Lyme by doctors that are uneducated 
  • We are misdiagnosed and told we have many other diseases that are wrong
  • We are told that all these symptoms are “all in our head” and we need a psychiatrist.  
  • We are denied treatment by our insurance
  • We pay out of pocket for 90% of our treatments 
  • We go broke trying to get better

And the bottom line is that WE JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER!  We don’t want to spend our lives in bed.  We don’t want to take a million pills and get poked with a million needles.  We just WANT TO BE NORMAL!  We want others to believe us and we want the denial to stop!

So NO there is no cure for Lyme Disease.  

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