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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #13: Personal Stories

So I thought sharing some personal stories of fellow Lymies may help people believe that this disease is real and debilitating.

My story – After 19 years of chronic daily migraines I finally found out why I was getting them.  It took 19 years, a lot of pain, a lot of depression, a lot of prescriptions, a lot of doctor visits, 2 hospitals stays, numerous ER visits and a surgical implant to finally get a diagnosis.  I never knew anything about Lyme disease and I never could have imagined that this was the cause of my migraines and various other health problems.  I encourage anyone with chronic migraines to see a Lyme Literate MD.  

If you have one health problem like, anxiety, depression, an occasional migraine or arthritis in one knee then you probably don’t have Lyme.  But it you have many conditions or have had many illnesses in your lifetime you, Lyme Disease may be the cause of them. 

Lyme Patient:  A day in the life video


Lyme is Hell

The Irish Times

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Read Between the Lyme

Lady of Lyme

John Caudwell

The Mighty by Alyssa Whitlock

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