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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #9 What are Biofilms?

Here we go again.  You need a medical degree to understand all these Lyme Disease terms.

WTH are Biofilms?

lyme biofilm

Lyme Disease bacteria form biofilms to protect themselves and hide from antibiotics.  People who are on long-term antibiotics may feel better until they stop the antibiotics.  The bacteria is hiding and evading the antibiotics in biofilms.  So when you stop antibiotics they come out and symptoms reappear.  

If the bacteria is just free-floating around then the antibiotics can be helpful.  But these buggers create a biofilm to hide and that is why some believe long-term antibiotics are not effective in treating Lyme Disease.  

Obviously this is why Lyme Disease is so difficult to treat.  These buggers are smart!  There are many treatments that people can do to break open biofilms and then kill the bacteria.  But with Lyme not one treatment works for everyone.

The Bay Area Lyme Foundation did some great research on biofilms.

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