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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #4 Why is Lyme Called “The Great Imitator”

Lyme Disease has been called “The Great Imitator” because it mimics so many other diseases.  And because the symptoms mimic so many other disease it is often misdiagnosed.  

Because most doctors are not educated in Lyme Disease they frequently misdiagnosis their patients.  In fact, most doctors don’t even consider a Lyme Disease diagnosis. They may test for it but they are not educated in the testing and therefore when a patient test shows up negative they say they do not have Lyme Disease.

Hopefully at some point in the future

  • medical students will be educated properly
  • all medical specialities will be educated in Lyme Disease
  • testing for Lyme Disease will be more accurate
  • testing will be easily available for all patients
  • testing will be covered by medical insurances
  • medical professionals won’t dismiss it as possible diagnosis when the patient doesn’t remember getting bit by a tick.  
  • Medical professionals will stop telling patients that they are making up the symptoms and send them to a psychiatrist.  Because believe me, YOU CAN NOT MAKE UP THESE SYMPTOMS
  • Medical professionals will stop saying they don’t know why you have these symptoms and just write prescriptions to mask them.
  • Treatment for Lyme will become easier to get and more effective.
  • Big pharma will not be in control of our medical system
  • CDC will stop with the lies about Lyme Disease
  • A cure will be discovered!

So why does it matter if you get a Lyme Diagnosis or not?  Why does it matter if you get a diagnosis of MS, ALS, Bipolar, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Depression, Chronic Migraines or Fibromyalgia instead of Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease can get into your brain, joints, heart, lungs, muscles and nervous system.  It can effect all parts of your body so if you get a proper diagnosis you may be able to treat your condition.  Unfortunately right now you must see a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) to get a proper diagnosis.  But because it’s “The Great Imitator”  seeing an LLMD is the only way to rule Lyme Disease out. Your regular MD or the specialist you go to now CAN NOT rule out Lyme Disease as the cause to your symptoms.

It all goes back to the same thing I said in a prior blog post.  Doctors are not trained to determine the cause of symptoms.  They are trained to give a diagnosis in their field of expertise and give pills to mask the symptoms.  If you want to know WHY you have these symptoms you should see an LLMD.  You should especially see an LLMD if you are given multiple diagnoses.  

If you don’t want know why you you started losing you memory or why you started getting tremors then just accept the diagnosis you have.  If you don’t want to know why you started having pain or why you have brain fog or are suddenly completely exhausted then just accept the diagnosis you have.  I didn’t!  I did not accept Fibromyalgia and a variety of other things as my diagnoses.  I knew something was really wrong.  I didn’t even have the typical tigger points for a Fibromyalgia diagnosis but they gave me that diagnosis anyways.  NO!  I WOULD NOT ACCEPT IT.  I wanted to know WHY!  I had doctors tell me I didn’t need to go to a Lyme specialist.  Once a doctor told me that I didn’t trust anything they said.  How can someone be so sure you don’t have something when they are so uneducated about it?  

There are over 300 disease that mimic Lyme so you might consider seeing an LLMD if you have any of the following medical conditions.

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Psychiatric Disorders
  • Lupus 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Any Autoimmune Disorder
  • Chronic Migraines or other headache disorders 
  • Juvenile Health Problems like arthritis, memory loss, or other pain
  • Alzheimers
  • Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders (PANDAS)

If you have are given several diagnoses or any of the above diagnoses and you have some of these listed below you may want to consider Lyme Disease as the cause.

  • ADD and ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Memory Problems
  • OCD
  • IBS
  • Chrons’s 

List of over 300 diseases that mimic “The Great Imitator”

Another list of over 300 diseases that mimic Lyme Disease

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