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May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Blog Post #1

Every day for the next 31 days I will post information about lyme disease to help raise awareness of this debilitating, potentially fatal, complicated, undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, under-treated, uninsured, mostly denied, do-it-yourself disease that I have.

For 31 days, you will learn and read about

  • What is Lyme Disease and what are Lyme Co-Infections
  • How you can get Lyme Disease
  • How to protect yourself from getting Lyme Disease
  • What to do if you get bit by a tick
  • The fact that most medical professionals have no clue about Lyme Disease
  • The politics, denial and lies about Lyme Disease
  • My 19 year journey to a Lyme Diagnosis
  • What life is like for someone with Lyme Disease
  • What my life has been like with Lyme Disease
  • Why it is called “The Great Imitator”
  • What diagnoses should be evaluated by a Lyme Literate MD
  • Symptoms of Lyme Disease and Lyme Co-Infections
  • Why medical insurance denies treatment for Lyme Disease
  • Stories of other Lyme sufferers that are very similar to mine
  • The fact that so many people have it and don’t know it
  • Why Lyme is Hell and why YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET IT

I did not know anything about Lyme Disease until 2015 when I was diagnosed.  I had no idea how easy it is to get and how hard it is to treat.  I had no idea that most doctors are uneducated in it so they just assume you don’t have it.  I had no idea that most people do not get a rash and do not even know they have been bit, like myself.  I also did know that Lyme Disease is an STD and can be passed from mother to baby in the womb.   And the biggest thing that I did not know is that


I’m extremely disappointed that for almost 20 years not one of the “TOP” headache/migraine specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area ever suggested that I might have Lyme Disease.  Not one!  They all told me that they did not know why I had daily migraines.  They assume that if someone in your family had some migraines then that is why you have it.  Not once did any of these “TOP”  doctors try to determine the CAUSE of my daily migraines.  

You don’t just start having a migraine one day that never goes away without a reason.  

There is a CAUSE for everything.  

Our medical professionals are not trained to determine the cause of your symptoms.  They are taught to give you a diagnosis and a pill to mask your symptoms.  And if you get side effects from a medication they give you another pill to mask the side effects.  It’s maddening!  And with migraines they give you medications to take daily to prevent them without trying to determine the cause.  Headache doctors have you do a food diary to determine your triggers, like food, red wine, chocolate and weather changes but not once do they try and figure out the cause.  They are trained to diagnose you in their specialty only so when you see a neurologist you will get a migraine or some type of headache diagnosis.  It’s the same at other doctors too.  Let’s say you have pain in your body and you go to a Rheumatologist.  The Rheumatologist will give you a diagnosis in their field of expertise without considering other possibilities.  Like Fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis many people get when you have pain and they don’t know why.  Why is that?

It happens because they don’t try and determine the cause of pain or other symptoms. And many doctors send you to a psychiatrist because they think it’s “all in your head”.  So when you see a psychiatrist you get a diagnosis of a mental health disorder.   You end up being given pills and more pills for these diagnoses.  

  • But what if you don’t have what they say?
  • What if you take their pills and don’t get any better and maybe even get other symptoms or “problems”?.
  • What if you find yourself with several diagnoses and on several medications and sill feel miserable?

If you have been seeing many doctors and given many different opinions or diagnoses and put on many different medications you should consider getting tested for Lyme Disease.  YES, all of your doctors will tell you that YOU DO NOT HAVE LYME DISEASE.  But please, do not believe them.  In fact, some will test your for Lyme Disease and you will get a false negative because they don’t know about testing for Lyme Disease.  So even if you get a false negative, which I did, it does not mean you do not have Lyme Disease.  I can tell you that the “TOP” medical facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area do not know about Lyme Disease and testing with them will definitely give you a false negative. 

In the next 31 days you will learn more about Lyme Disease and then you can decide for yourself if you need to see a Lyme Literate MD. 

And,  for any that has chronic migraines – YOU SHOULD SEE A LYME LITERATE MD TO SEE IF YOU HAVE IT.  The reason I say that is because some of the treatments I am doing are getting rid of my daily migraine I have had for 21 years.

Thank you for following me this month.  Feel free to share my blog.


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