Month: February 2017

This is NOT FAKE news!

This is a video of a women who is screaming in pain.

This is a video of a kid screaming in pain. 

Some may see these online and think that this woman or the boy is faking it. Most doctors think that we are faking it so why shouldn’t everyone else.  This is not fake news.  This is real!  The pain from Lyme Disease is so beyond what you can comprehend.  I have Lyme Disease and I can’t comprehend how horrific my pain is and I have had a migraine ever day for 20 years.

When I first was diagnosed with Lyme Disease I had no idea how confusing and complicated this disease was.  I had no idea that my threshold for pain would have to get higher.  I had no idea I would be treated so poorly by the medical community, once again.  I had no idea  that so many people have this disease and don’t even know it.  I was clueless!  But here I am 15 months later and I have a better understanding about Lyme Disease but still do not fully understand it.  How could I fully understand it when the medical community doesn’t even fully understand it.  In fact, most doctors think I have a disease that is HARD to get and EASY to cure.  OMFG!  That is so far from the truth.

Lyme Disease is so easy to get and so hard to treat!

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