2017 – The Healing Year

2017 was definitely The Healing Year for me.  So what did I do in 2017 that got me 75%  back to normal? 

  • Two trips to Fach Klinik for Lyme Disease treatment in Bad Salzhausen, Germany (German Website)5 weeks of daily vitamin and detox infusions
    • 1/2 day trips to towns near the clinic, Gießen, Frankfurt, Gelnhausen, Freiburg, and a Castle (escorted by the clinic).
    • Lots of walking through Kurpark in Bad Salzhausen and around other towns near the clinic – Nidda, Gieß-Nidda and Harb
    • Met people at the clinic from USA, Canada, Greece, Libya, Norway, Portugal and New Zealand
    • Visited friends in Wulfräth (Germany) and Amsterdam
  • Received probably 50 IV’s in 2017 (Naturopathic Doctor and Germany Clinic)
  • Purchased a portable infared sauna for detoxing.  Here are some of the benefits of an infrared sauna here and here.  Please consult your doctor bring to beginning a new treatment.
  • Starting taking Kratom (mitragyna speciosa plant from Asia that is part of the coffee family) for pain, anxiety and sleep and surprised on how much better it works than my prescription pain meds.  No more monthly visits to pain doctor and pharmacy.   No more random drug tests from pain doctor.  And, more pain relief!  I have learned that this is used for withdrawals for drug addicts.  I can tell you that after two years on opioid prescription meds by body was definitely dependent on it so withdrawals will happen.  I started Kratom about 5-6 hours after my last dose of pain meds and I had zero withdrawals.  I highly suggest doing your own research through the American Kratom Association and join Facebook groups to ask questions on how to use it and what to buy from other users.  
  • Enjoying my husbands retirement!
  • Got diagnosed with CIRS (CIRS-Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci).  Basically, this is considered a mold or biotoxin illness and the MARCoNS is a deep nasal staph infection caused by mold illness.  Check out my mold illness journey here
  • Started the Shoemaker Protocol to treat MARCoNS and CIRS. As of March 2018 I only did one nasal (silver) treatment for MARCoNS and stopped all binders and have no plans to continue. The reason is the DNRS is working and allowing me to be at my second home. My main home was remediated in 2016.

We got home from the second trip to Germany for treatment for my Lyme Disease October 9th.  I was about 70% better after my last trip Feb/March 2017 but started going back to about 50% 5 months after.  I contacted the clinic and it was recommended to go back for more treatments. This time I decided to do only two weeks of infusions instead of three.  But still did two hyperthermia treatments.  

Hyperthermia treatment is the process of heating your body to a very high temperature.  Germany has the best machines and you can get to almost 107F (42C).  The clinic I went to specializes in Cancer because cancer cells can not tolerate high heat but their protocol also works for Lyme patients.  Bacteria and viruses do not like high heat either and giving your body a fever really boosts your immune system.  Everyone with LymeCo’s has a weak immune system.  In fact, most people do not have a well functioning immune system.  Treatment also includes daily vitamin and detox infusions.

So I’m glad we made the second trip but I still have to stick to a protocol that continually boosts my immune system and detox my body.  People always ask what detoxing means so I’ll explain.  Basically everyone takes in toxins on a daily basis.  Mostly take in toxins through food but also though toxic bath and body products, cleaning products and outside in our environment.    Just think about all the stuff you use on a daily basis.  Soap, facial cleansers, body lotions, chap stick, OTC medicine, cleaning products, fertilizers, lawn products, room sprays, deodorants and even candles.  So I have years ago switched to all natural products.  You can see some of what I use here.  You body is amazing in that it can detox and get stuff out of your body on its own but if your immune system is compromised it needs helps.  

If you have any health problems or general aches and pains in your body you should really consider detoxing and eating clean.  Yes, that means doing some not so fun stuff and completely changing your diet.  But if you feel better you will find ways to make these changes part of your daily life. 

I was diagnosed November 9, 2015 with Babesia and told I have borellia and Bartonella based on symptoms.  I was hoping I’d be done with this after 2 years of treating but these infections are stubborn.  I also was told that if you are not completely healing then you most likely have a mold illness.  So I decided to explore that again even though the mold doctor I had in 2016 said it was not mold.

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