Lyme Disease

My Exclusive ER Club

Two weeks ago I decided to visit my brother Dan in La Quinta, California near Palm Springs.  The purpose of my trip was to see if my house was making me sick.   When I was in Wisconsin for my nieces wedding in June I felt a lot better and got sicker right after I got back home. So going to the desert for two weeks would be a longer test.

However, I had to just add a surgery in while I was there.  Dan and his girlfriend Liz needed to join the ER club.  The club unfortunately has a lot of members and I even have a twice in one day club.  I’ve decided that I need to create levels in my club and hand out ribbons or plaques to keep my club members happy.

  1. Platinum Level  – Emergency Room Visit including Admission or Direct Admission to a Hospital or Surgical Center with an Overnight Stay.
  2. Gold LevelTwo visits to the Emergency Room in one day.
  3. Silver LevelDrop off or Pick at the Emergency Room or Surgical Center w/o an Overnight Stay.  
  4. Bronze Level– Visiting me while I’m in the Emergency Room or when I’m doing a Hospital Stay.

I don’t need to name names because I think the members know what level they are so I can only say my husband qualifies for all levels and that I am very grateful for all my supportive family and friends.

So, is my house making me sick? 

More to come on that later……..

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