Lyme Disease

Warning: ZOFRAN Oral Disintegrating Tablet contains Aspartame!

Why do “Headache Specialists” prescribe this for migraine patients?  

I just found this out from a migraine sufferer I follow on twitter.  This is maddening!  Aspartame is horrible for you and a HUGE Migraine Trigger!  WTH?

Here is the drug information from Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

Zofran Oral Ingredients

Zofran is prescribed for nausea but there are many other anti-nausea medications.  This drug has never been my favorite anti-nausea medication but it’s convenient because each pill is packed in foil and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  I will never take it again.  It’s flavored because it’s an oral tablet.  So dumb!  And now I have to check out all the other anti-nausea meds I take or that I have been given in the emergency room.   I’ll keep you updated on my research.



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