I have Lyme disease: my discovery after 15 years with ME/CFS and two with Fibromyalgia

Thank you Laura for sharing your story. I hope more people become aware about Lyme Disease and more money is put towards educating the medical community. And most importantly I hope more money is put towards helping patients. All Lyme treatments (doctor visits, Rx, testing, supplements) have to be paid up front and then submitted to your insurance to MAYBE get part of it reimbursed. It’s nightmare to have to deal with the insurance especially when you’re so sick. I have a stack of “Super Bills” to mail in. I think they named them “Super Bills” because it’s all SUPER expensive. Best of luck Laura on your healing journey.

Laura's pen

It’s taken me a long time to write this post. I wanted to wait until a medical professional told me it was true, and even then it’s taken a while to put my head together enough to talk about it. In short: I have Lyme disease.

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