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Opioid Painkillers & Chronic Pain: Part II

As I’ve previously mentioned, we have a HUGE problem in this county with people and chronic pain.  And the doctor in this article thinks the patients need to be educated and he seems to  blame the patients.  Read it here:  Pain News Network

Well I think there needs to be a shift in educating the medical professionals.  Medical doctors are not trained to figure out the CAUSE of someone’s pain they are trained to treat symptoms.  So stop blaming the patients!  Most medical doctors don’t think outside the box.  If you go to a rheumatologist you will get a diagnosis of a rheumatological condition.  If you go to a heart doctor you will get a diagnosis of a heart condition.  If you go to a psychiatrist you will get a psychiatric diagnosis.  This need to change in medical school.

So, maybe no one has ever died from being in pain but chronic pain is horrific and can be devastating.  I have passed out from severe pain.  Chronic pain effects your entire body including your mind.  Think of all the people that have killed themselves because they lived in constant pain and couldn’t take it anymore.  Pain does kill!  Read Sherri’s Story  This is so sad and shouldn’t happen.  A website in her memory.

Stop blaming the patients!  We need better pain care management.  We need insurances to cover alternative or natural treatments.  And we need doctors to support us!

Opioid Painkiller and Chronic Pain: Part I




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