Lyme Disease

Gut Problems

I’m reading more and more about how your gut influences your health, physically and mentally.  People have always said “you are what you eat”.  Well after having so many migraines I have tried to change what I put in my body, what products I put on my body and what products I use in my house.  And even more since I have found out I have Lyme Disease, co-infections, candida and other infections that I don’t understand.  You can check out my Getting Healthy section on my blog.  

Last Thursday was going to be a day hanging with a friend with the dogs but instead I texted her saying I needed to go to the ER.  Thanks Sue!  Sucks big time!   I ended up with Colitis (inflamed colon) and then today was listening to this webinar and decided to summarize it for you.  I hope this helps some of you.

Healing Leaky Gut webinar by Dr. Josh Axe so I have decided to summarize some of it for you.

*80% of immune issues are in your gut*

*To heal your body you must get to the root cause of your diseases*

6 main things that cause gut problems

1.  GMO’s

2.  Antibiotics

3.  Gluten

4.  Processed Sugar

5. Dairy, conventional dairy contain over 20 different chemicals and medications, including antibiotics.  

6.  Food Sensitivities, different for everyone

Super Healing Foods (different for everyone)

  1. Bone Broth
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Sauerkraut or fermented vegetables 
  4. Goats milk Kefer
  5. Blueberries
  6. Orange and yellow foods

Supplements to help

  1. Probiotics
  2. Digestive enzymes
  3. Adaptogenic  herbs if you have adrenal or thyroid issues
  4. L-Glutamine


So I’ll begin with 6 main things that cause gut problems.  GMO’s should be on our food labels.  I’m pissed I am on antibiotics right now for colitis even though they don’t know it’s a bacterial infection.   My stomach is already hurting worse from them and some yeast symptoms are back.  I tested negative for gluten sensitivity so I’m not 100% gluten free.  I’ve eliminated processed sugar 90% and I don’t eat dairy (cow products). 

Super Healing Foods  Here is a good recipe for Bone Broth and the reasons it’s healing.  I am going to start back on the coconut oil.  I do eat sauerkraut but probably should more.  I love blueberries and eat them a lot. Organic frozen blueberries are great for drinks when they are not in season.  I eat goat milk cheese and yogurt but will try Kefer.  I eat squash but will have to do it more often.

Supplements to help

I take probiotics every day.  I take enzymes recommended by my Naturopathic Doctor.  I’m not sure about adaptogenic herbs, never heard of them.  I interested in finding out about  L-Glutamine.  





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