Lyme Disease

Lyme sucks the life out of you!

Since November 2015 I have been doing many different treatments to fight my Lyme Disease.  The main one has been almost twice a week IV ozone treatments. The IV Ozone is a fascinating process.  The doctor makes one needle poke in a vein on your arm and attaches a bag.  The bag is put below you to fill up your blood.  Once its full the bag is hung up and ozone injected in it.  The ozone mixes in with your blood and then it is run right back into your vein. I’ve been doing this and other treatments and numerous supplements since November 2015 when I found out I had Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease is so complicated, overwhelming and confusing.  I keep reading and reading to learn more like I did with my migraines.  But every time I think I understand it a bit more I really become more confused and overwhelmed.

I found out I have more than just Lyme Disease and one co-infection.  Every time I get a test done I find out I have more things wrong with me and treatment goes a different way.  I see the Naturopathic Doctor twice a week, the Lyme Literate Nurse Practitioner once a month and my Primary Care Doctor once a month.  That’s a lot of doctor appointments.

The last few weeks I have been having a lot of set backs. I do have some positives too.  And I always try to see the positive in this even if it’s the littlest thing.  But melt downs happen frequently.  No matter how strong you feel you are lyme sucks the life out of you.  This disease is no joke and the CDC thinks it’s no big deal and easily cured.  FYI:  There is NO CURE for lyme disease.

Since I have candida we have been trying to focus on that but killing the yeast and lyme buggers is killing me, physically and mentally.

So I was just reading about how your gut flora is so important to your health, physically and mentally.  Here’s some info:

All of this just makes me question everything and what is really the best way to deal with all of the lyme disease, co-infections and candida.  I need a Lyme Coach!  Yes, I actually was told that they exist.

4 thoughts on “Lyme sucks the life out of you!”

  1. I hadn’t read about the ozone treatment you mentioned. How long have you been doing it? Can you tell if it’s helping yet?
    Lyme is a long, often confusing battle, but keep going girl! You got this!

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    1. I started twice a week IV Ozone in November last year. Some symptoms have disappeared. Also my thyroid is better I’m not hypothyroid anymore. It makes all your cells function better.


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