Lyme Disease

If I Were the Devil…I Would Give You Lyme Disease



If I were the devil…I would give people Lyme disease.

  I would cause them to contract Lyme disease, whether through a bug bite or through another human being.  I would make sure that there was no good test available so that they wouldn’t figure out they had Lyme.  I would order Doctors to ignore the reality of Lyme disease and believe the CDC.  I would make sure that Doctors told their patients that their symptoms were all in their head, that they were crazy. I would make Doctors give them false diagnosis so they never figured out the real issue.

  I would give people unexplained headaches that drove them to their knees. I would give them so much joint and muscle pain they couldn’t move. I would cause them to have brain fog so they couldn’t go about their daily duties.  I would make sure that their immune system…

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