Lyme Disease

Autoimmune and Lyme Disease

**How can we get the medical community to stop giving diagnoses of Autoimmune Diseases without considering Lyme Disease?**

Here is my understanding of an AutoImmune Disease:

  • Your body has an immune system that protects you from infections and diseases.
  • The immune system is made up of cells, issues and organs that work together to protect your body against anything foreign.
  • Sometimes your body can start attacking itself.  So basically the immune system is attacking healthy cells, tissues and organs.

What would cause the body to do this, damage healthy parts of your body?

Here is what I have found out.

  • A bacteria or virus can cause an autoimmune response in your body.
  • Drugs and medications can cause an autoimmune response in your body.
  • Chemicals can cause an autoimmune response in your body.
  • Environmental toxins can cause an autoimmune response in your body.
  • Genetics can cause an autoimmune response in your body.

How does this relate to Lyme Disease?

  • When you receive a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease has your doctor told you how you got it?
  • Did your doctor determine what bacteria, virus, drug, chemical, or environmental toxin cause it.
  • You can say genetics but did your parents determine the cause of their autoimmune disease?

The American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, Inc. [AARDA] has a list on their website of all the autoimmune diseases (See link below).  However, if you click on the diseases a majority of them don’t have any known cause.  They are a disease of symptoms. If you read the symptoms you can see that majority of them overlap with Lyme Disease infections.  So……..

Why does the medical community ignore Lyme Disease when the symptoms are the same for most autoimmune diseases?  This is why:

Medical Doctors

  1. are not educated on Lyme Disease
  2. feel required to give a diagnosis to a patient in their field of expertise.
  3. don’t try and determine the CAUSE of a patients symptoms.
  4. think Lyme Disease only occurs in certain areas.
  5. think you must remember being bit.
  6. think that only people who got a rash might have it.
  7. don’t have proper labs to test for Lyme so most are false negatives.


Compare the symptoms for Lyme Disease and the Autoimmune Diseases.

AARDA Autoimmune Disease List 

Lyme Research Alliance

Lyme Info .net

EVERYONE who has an autoimmune disease diagnosis should be tested for Lyme Disease and the multiple co-infections by a Lyme Literate MD.


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