Migraine and Headache

Food Sensitivity Test

Headache doctors always ask you to keep a food diary [WebMD Migraine Headache Diary] to try and figure out your triggers.  However, that is really hard to do because if you are sensitive to certain foods you may not get a reaction to them the same day you eat them.

You can read many lists of potential migraine triggers and avoid ALL these foods and still have migraines.  Right?  Yes!  Millions of us do.

Here is an article by the #AmericanMigraineFoundation about “Migraine and Diet”  Do you think it is helpful?  I don’t.

I suggest a food sensitivity test.  I got one through my Naturopathic Doctor and I have be avoiding many foods for a couple of months now.  The holidays made it difficult but now I’m being really strict about avoiding those foods.

Since I have been really strict I have been able to turn my stimulator down.    I have control of all 4 leads so my goal has always been to get them as low as possible without have pain.  I also shut all the leads off for one day and didn’t have a migraine.  That is HUGE!!!  Before my implant I had a migraine 24/7 and I couldn’t remember what it felt like not to have a migraine.  AMAZING is what it feels like.

Why didn’t any of my “TOP” headache specialists ever suggest a food sensitivity test?  Because they are just focused on treating the symptoms and not the cause.

I’ll keep you updated on the food sensitivity results.  My ND believes migraines are either from a food sensitivity or Lyme Disease.  LOL!  I have both.

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