Migraine and Headache

#ChronicPainSucks: Part X

I feel better than I have in months.  In November I started 2 antibiotics for the co-infection, Babesia.  Check out info about it at LymeDisease.org


I am working with a Naturopathic Doctor [ND] from Los Altos, CA.  She is the reason my pain is less now.  I am getting IV Ozone treatments, doing a homeopathic detox and getting B12 shots.  She also did a blood test for 150 common foods that I am sensitive to.  So I have to eliminate a lot stuff but I’m feeling much better.

I started working with the ND in October before I knew that I had Lyme Disease.  She believes migraines are caused by food sensitivities or Lyme Disease.  She has a 80% success rate at helping patients with migraines.  WOW!  Wouldn’t that be great if some day I could turn my stimulator off.

Right now I am just happy my pain is a lot less.


5 thoughts on “#ChronicPainSucks: Part X”

  1. I agree that food sensitivities are probably a big one for most people. The Lyme disease idea is knew for me, I don’t think I have it though. What foods do you have to eliminate? I’m running at 21 Day Sugar Detox group starting in January. It probably covers many of the foods that you need to eliminate. 🙂 Good luck with the elimination and let me know what you find out. By the way, what’s your ND’s name? Maybe I need that test too!

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    1. Hi Katie, it’s hard for me because I have to eliminate things that are in lots of foods, but I’m doing it. I can’t have garlic, pepper, soy, beans, eggs, cows milk a some other things. I’ve always been allergic to the protein in cows milk and I think that’s the reason I’m nauseous. I added it in one day and was nauseous for a while after. Sugar detox sounds interesting. Email me at kimleonoudakis@yahoo.com with more info. The ND is Suzann Wang in Los Altos. She’s great!! Happy Holidays!


      1. Hi Katie, I’ve been doing the best I can during the holidays. I think my list was incomplete in the last post. I can’t have beans (all varieties), chocolate, eggs, garlic, ginger, Cow’s milk, oysters, pepper, pineapple, soybeans, spinach and vanilla.

        I made some pancakes without eggs and it was interesting. I substituted oil and water. At least I got the flavor of pancakes. I think the food sensitivity test would be good for everyone. Dr. Wang feels that migraines are from food sensitivities or Lyme Disease. She has helped a lot of people that suffer from them. The best thing would be to have less or no migraines at all. Dr. Wang has really helped me with the pain. Before I started seeing her I was taking so many things for pain, including opioids. The pain was so crippling that I thought I’d need a wheelchair soon because somedays I couldn’t even walk. I was at a level 9-10 pain everyday and my only option was to take medications to help me function. Now I’m zero to 4 but no everyday. Woohoo!! It’s great. I’m really exhausted and get lightheaded from the antibiotics but that is SO much better than the pain. Merry Christmas!


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