Migraine and Headache

#ChronicPainSucks: Part VII

As of November 8, 2015 I have five [5] different opinions and a Psychiatrist who thinks I need a mood stabilizer.  

  • #Fibromyalgia
  • #L5 pinched nerve
  • #Repetitive stress injury
  • #Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • #Lyme disease.  


November 9, 2015

I finally had my answer!  I have Lyme Disease!

It’s good and bad news.

It’s good because I finally know what I have.

It’s bad because I have Lyme disease.

So my brother Dan was the first person to mention Lyme disease to me because he knew someone that has it and my issues sounded the same as hers.   I did get my PCP to do a Lyme blood test and it came out negative.  And know I know why it came out negative.


  1. The regular blood test you get at a normal lab through your regular doctor doesn’t test for co-infections of Lyme disease.  It only tests Lyme.
  2. The blood tests actually test what your immune system is reacting to.
  3. Mine is reacting to a co-infection of Lyme
  4. You need to go to a special lab to get tested for Lyme.
  5. I have the co-infection called Babesia.  That means my immune system is trying to fight the bacterial infection babesia.  Having a co-infection means you have Lyme disease.  
  6. When you treat the co-infection the Lyme test will come out positive because then my immune system will be trying to fight the Lyme.


Yep, it’s confusing………………and I am still in the learning about it.

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