Migraine and Headache

#ChronicPainSucks: Part VI

(Correction to a prior post:  Dr. Smolins was doctor # [4].)

On October 5, 2015 I went to see [5] Dr. Newkirk, a neurologist.

I initially really liked Dr. Newkirk because he believed that I had all this pain.  He also was very thorough in his questions and his exam.  I spent quite a bit of time with him and he thought I possibly had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

WTH?  What is TOS?  Well I wasn’t quite sure but he taped up my back so my shoulders were in a particular position.  I felt better when I left with my upper back taped.  I left it on overnight and after I took it off in the morning the pain came back within 1 hour.  I wasn’t completely pain-free when my back was taped but I thought the he may be on to something.  However, one thing he said really stuck with me and bothered me.  I told him I was referred to him by Dr. Smolins.  He said he was one of the good doctors.  Which was nice to hear since I liked Dr. Smolins and thought he was very good.  Then I said I am going to see a Lyme disease specialist in San Francisco too.  He said “you don’t need that”.


Since I felt a bit better I thought maybe I could have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome BUT I still felt something deeper was really wrong with me.

Here is the part where I get annoyed with the medical community.

Most doctors have tunnel vision………Most don’t think outside the box…………….

Dr. David Smolins doesn’t have tunnel vision he didn’t just pass me off as having Fibromyalgia.  He wanted to help me find out what was wrong.  He even did research and spoke to his friend that works for medtronic regarding my neuro-stimulator implant.

 Dr. Kelly (Rheumatologist), Dr.  Wu (Rehab) and Dr. Newkirk (Neurologist) ALL have TUNNEL VISION.  They feel they have to give you a diagnosis in their field of expertise.  SO WRONG!

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