Chronic Pain Sucks!, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Migraine and Headache

#ChronicPainSucks: Part IV

Someone once told me to remember that 50% of the doctors graduate in the top half of their class and 50% graduate in the bottom half.  

So instead of going to Stanford Pain Center I found Remedy Medical Group in Redwood City, California.  If you suffer from chronic pain I highly recommend them.  They have an office in San Francisco too.   [3] Dr. Smolins and Dr. Date are great.  Dr. Smolins was the first doctor that listened to me.  He also was very familiar with neuro-stimulators.  Different ones from mine but most doctors don’t know about them at all.

Dr. Smolins didn’t agree with the diagnosis of repetitive stress injury but said I could possibly have a pinched nerve but I didn’t really have the typical signs of having it and that would not explain my upper body pain.  YES!  That’s right!  He thought that possibly I have Fibromyalgia but I didn’t have the typical signs for that either.  Here was The Plan:

  1. Rule out that my implant is causing the problem.
  2. Get an X-Ray of my neck
  3. Talk to Dr. Bulger in Dallas to see if he thinks it might be the implant.
  4. Give me pain meds to get through this until it’s figured out.
  5. Do a nerve test called an EMG

So by now I’m up to 15-20mg of Norco a day.  That’s a lot to take in one day.  I have a high tolerance for pain medications but at this point I was waking up every day with level 9-10 burning pain everywhere.  Hands, arms, palms, legs, calfs, bottom off my feet and my back.  Everything but my head because my implant keeps the pain in my head away.

So getting the X-Ray was easy but doing the nerve test was not.

Dr. Elaine Date conducts the nerve test.  It took 3 unpleasant visits to get the test done.

Electromyography (EMG)

See WebMD for more information

First Visit:   The easy part.  Electrodes are places on you and a metal tool is used to send a signal to the nerves.  Your hand will jerk and nothing hurts.

Second Visit:  The second part of the test is EXTREMELY painful.  The doctor sticks a needle into your muscle and touches a nerve.  The nerve is touched and the needle is moved and you have to move that part of your body.  My husband came with me for the test and it’s a good thing.  I had a VASOVAGAL reaction.  My medical friends will know what this is.  Basically, The extreme PAIN caused me to almost faint.  I was laying down but Dr. Date had to stop the test.

Third Visit:  I received one valium pill before the test so I was a little bit more relaxed.

To be continued………………….

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