Chronic Pain Sucks!

#ChronicPainSucks: PART II

So I now have been told I have Fibromyalgia.  For all of you that have been told you have Fibromyalgia please make sure you have been tested for EVERYTHING before you accept Fibromyalgia as a diagnosis.  You need to rule out everything.

I then went to an MD specializing in [3] Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation that the Rheumatologist referred me to.  He said I DID NOT have Fibromyalgia and asked who told me I have Fibromyalgia.  He said I have an [2] L5 pinched nerve.  He determined this before doing  a physical exam.  However, an L5 pinched nerve didn’t explain the burning pain in my arms.  So I questioned it.  He said  “easy peasy”.  You have [3] Repetitive Stress Injury in your arms.  He also told me I was weaker than his 90 year old patients.  He was SO wrong!  His solution was physical therapy twice a week for six weeks.

Since I was finishing up on physical therapy for my knee I went to the physical therapist with the new prescription and asked him to evaluate me.  He definitely didn’t agree with the repetitive stress injury diagnosis and said maybe I had a pinched nerve but it didn’t seem like it.  I agreed and then went back to my PCP to talk to her.

You have to be your own advocate.  No one else will do it for you.

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