Migraine and Headache

Opioid Addiction

I remember when I realized I was addicted to my pain meds.   I was in so much pain and was given refills on my pain meds without hesitation from my the headache specialist I was seeing at the time.  The only pain med that helped me was dilaudid so that’s what I was given.  Yep, super strong!  If you have ever gone to the emergency room with a migraine you might have been given dilaudid but probably only 2 or 3 mg’s.  Why did my doctor keep giving me so much?   [I didn’t like the doctor I was seeing but I kept going back because they said he was “the best”.  Really?  No bedside manners at all!!!  I hated driving an hour in so much pain to see the doctor for 10 minutes and walk out with 5 or more prescriptions.  I was always so confused when I left the office.]

I started with a low dose of dilaudid and eventually was taking 20mg per day.  OMG!  Now I understand why a friend was worried I might overdose.  I was taking so many different medications I couldn’t keep track of them and once went on a trip and forgot them.  It was a huge PAIN to get the meds when I was out of town.  I was always told you should not stop taking medications unless you consult your doctor first.  So, I took a taxi a couple of times to get the prescriptions filled.  Luckily, I use Walgreens.  They are the best and have so many locations.

People on many different medications really should have a friend or family member manage them.  I wasn’t even 50 years old at the time and I was taking 7 different medications and the dilaudid!!  SO WRONG!

So, I went to see my primary care doctor to tell her I was addicted to my pain meds.  She suggested a treatment program but I didn’t want to do that.  I told her I could wean myself off so she gave me lower doses to do it.  I DID IT!!    3 weeks after my doctor visit I was off of the pain meds.  Every 2 or 3 days I just reduced the dose I was taking.  I went from 20mg down to ZERO!

Please read and share this article in Time magazine this month.

National Pain Report

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