Migraine and Headache


Even with my implant I still have nausea.  My neuro-stimulator implant masks the horrible pain from the migraine but not the other symptoms.  I still have a migraine every day and thankfully I can get rid of the pain but the last few weeks the nausea has been so bad.  My house is always stocked with ginger tincture, ginger ale and phenergan.  

I try to keep my stimulator as low as possible but still be pain free.  I sometimes turn it down at night but then wake up with a headache.  I can turn it up in the morning and get rid of the pain.  The pain is the worst symptom but being nauseous is miserable too.  Phenergan works for me but these last few weeks I feel I need something more.  I’m going to ask my doctor for zofran.  Maybe taking both will be better.  

5 thoughts on “Nausea”

  1. Im not understaning your statement that you still have a migraine every day but u don’t feel the pain? How do u know that if you’re not feeling pain?

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  2. Diane, If in the middle of the day I start to feel the pain I adjust my stimulator to get rid of it. When my charger has broken, which has been 5 times I have the pain. Sometimes I turn it down at night and then I have the pain when I wake up. So I know the migraine is still there daily as before. I adjust the stimulator to get rid of the pain. However, I have a lot of nausea and I’m still sensitive to noise, lights and smells. One of my triggers is the weather. When the barometric pressure changes I get a migraine. I can usually adjust my stimulator to get rid of the pain but as the pressure changes I have to constantly adjust my stimulator. I hope that helps clarify. You’ll understand when have your implant for a while.


  3. I had the permanent Nero-stimulator implanted 2 weeks ago. So far I’m amazed at how it keeps my migraines at bay. I have met with the techs three times now and they are working with me to come up with the best programs that work for me. I have had three follow up visits with the doctor and staples were removed this week. My personal concerns are I still have pain soreness and swelling at three of the incisional sites. The doctor isn’t concerned and said it just takes time. Can anyone share with me about any issues of swelling and incisional pain areas? The incisional areas are not pretty sites to see. I expected direct straight cut lines for all of the incisions. The internal leads I can feel under the skin and can see as well from the top of my head to my hip. There are two ends about an inch apart on my forehead and u can see them poked up under the skin. Migraine pain relief was the goal and I’m so very pleased. But, I would like to hear from anyone that have thoughts on the side effects of skin physical issues I’m experiencing and to hear what their incisional areas look like.

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