Migraine and Headache

New Lidocaine Treatment

Has anyone tried this Lidocaine treatment mentioned in this article.  http://guardianlv.com/2015/03/migraines-long-term-effects-and-new-treatment-options/

I remember being told I had white spots on my brain when I had my MRI years ago.  They said that was common for people with migraines.  Not sure what that really means.

1 thought on “New Lidocaine Treatment”

  1. I have never heard of that treatment before. But I can share with migraine suffers a drug that is effective for my migraines, the ONLY one that has worked. It is not a narcotic nor pain medicine. It is called Sumevil Dose Pro. What it does is it Narrows the blood vessels around the brain. Ask your nuerologist about it. I am prescribed 6 a month. It’s a needless injection that you administer to your self. As for the tiny white spots. That can mean as little as you are aging or as serious as mini strokes. You can goggle it. But, migraine sufferers do tend to have more then the general population.

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