Migraine and Headache

New Hemiplegic Migraine Treatment Study

I don’t have Hemiplegic Migraine I have chronic daily migraines but the Reed Procedure gave me my life back.  Check this out if you suffer from Hemiplegic Migraine.  I’m so glad this is helping more and more people.


2 thoughts on “New Hemiplegic Migraine Treatment Study”

  1. Has anyone done this web siminar? If so, does it go more into detail then the DVDs, booklet and utube? I have done all three of those. I am scheduled for the omega and just would like to have as much knowledge as possible on it. Also I did register but have no ideal how to do a webinar?


    1. Hi Diane,
      Before I had mine I had to fly to Dallas for a seminar with Dr. Reed. I’m not sure what DVD, booklet and youtube you had. It might be beneficial for you to do the webinar to get more information. Once you sign up it should give you a day and time to log in on your computer. I am happy to give you my phone number in a private message if you want to chat. I just mailed Dr. Bulger a letter asking to be a Patient Ambassador. I intend to detail my journey on this blog but probably won’t have it done by the time you have surgery. Relax!!


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