Dr. Larry on the “Pandemic”


Funeral Director in England speaks out – MUST SEE

Max Igan from “The Crowhouse” interviews John O-Looney a funeral undertaker in England with credentials and experience over 15 years.







Less than 15 days since your jab = unvaccinated 🤥😲

The government and the media are constantly saying the deaths are the “unvaccinated” and that they hospitals are so full from “unvaccinated” REALLY? Where is the proof?

Who is really in the hospital?, Pam Popper

Shockingly, CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated, Mercola

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, CDC,
(August 27, 2021 / Vol. 70 / No. 34)

SARS-CoV-2 Infections and Hospitalizations Among Persons Aged ≥16 Years, by Vaccination Status — Los Angeles County, California, May 1–July 25, 2021

Whistleblower Nurses keep speaking out about the false narrative. Click here.

The ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ Is a Lie + NCAA Golfer Has Severe Adverse Heart Condition Due To COVID ‘Vaccine’ + MORE Whistleblowers Speak Out!, Sarasota for Vaccination Choice

Don’t forget about Dr. Fraud a career criminal.

Take Action for Health Freedom

Act Now: Sign Our Petition To Convene a Special Grand Jury To Investigate the CDC’s Conduct During COVID-19.

Stand for Health Freedom Petition


This measure would urge the Legislature and the Governor to take actions to​ protect Californians’ right to make their own health and medical decisions. California Health Coalition Advocacy

Dr. Ardis and Reiner Fuellmich: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY


Covid is a Crime Against Humanity, Stop World Control

Every person involved in this needs to be held accountable for these crimes. If you are staying silent and complying you are also guilty.

Nurse Speaks Out — The majority of our hospitalized Covid patients are actually suffering from ‘Vaccine Injuries’…, Stew Peters

New physicians’ alliance: Hospitals are killing people, doctors are being ‘hamstrung’ by regulators, leading to ‘hundreds of thousands of excess unnecessary deaths’, LeoHohmann

Lions not Sheep

Change Is Coming To California — Recall Election Or Not, Allan Stevo

Read the article or watch the video here.

“It is Recall Day, September 14, 2021, and ballots are everywhere, as freely as syringes on the streets of San Francisco.

People all over the state are showing up to vote and being told they have already voted. 

Police in California pulled over a guy with a back seat full of blank recall ballots and drugs. 

This will be the crookedest election since whatever election was the last one to take place in some third world banana republic. 

There is only a year and some months left for whoever wins the recall, and that period in office may be significantly shortened by the inability to determine results any time soon. 

One of the system’s plans is to lengthen the counting process considerably and leave Newsom in his seat. 

Whoever wins the recall will have a massive government working against him or her to deal with. This will make change hard. Unless, of course, it is Newsom or a Democrat who wins, in which case government will work for them and no change will take place. 

Nonetheless, Newsom is sweating. French Laundry, where he dined with lobbyists with no mask, is dragging him down. His son going to camp with no mask, is dragging him down. Rules for thee, but not for me, is dragging him down. The leader of his party, is even dragging him down, even during the honeymoon period of his time in the Oval Office. 

The leader of the party is more popular than even Barack Obama, with the current leader of the party having revived 81 million votes. The highest vote winner of any presidential candidate ever, somehow doesn’t have the polling numbers to support that theory. In some jurisdictions, he was so popular among the people that he even got more votes than there are voters. The narrative is falling apart. 

Yes, Newsom is sweating. He is begging his base for help by claiming that candidates running against him are far right extremists. These are candidates that are about as politically centric, flexible, and uniparty-friendly as Marco Rubio or John Kerry. Extreme is simply not the word to describe them. 

Newsom is so desperate that his supporters insist that abortions will become illegal in California if a recall takes place. With control of the legislature, the courts, and the vast bureaucracy of the executive branch, this is quite the implausible claim to make. Only scared people make those claims in an effort to motivate other scared people. 

Newsom and those who support him really know that his base isn’t going to turn out for him and that this election needs to be stolen. That is their duty at every step of the process.

Meanwhile, the silent majority, who either won’t speak to pollsters or won’t tell pollsters the truth are impossible to measure. They might just be angry enough to come out and toss Newsom from office. 

So we are left with this reality: if the thieves don’t come through for Newsom, then Newsom is toast. 

All of the above is relative noise, though I’d be very excited to see a new Governor of California. Others are called to that fight. I’m called to rouse lions. 

There is spiritual and cultural revival taking place in California, and it is spreading across the country. The true work of this recall was done every time someone signed a recall petition and said to themselves, “You know, the Governor really does have to go.” 

The work of this recall election was done when Newsom was forced to put other plans on hold and deal with an election for the second time in three years. Politicians love reigning over you, but they hate campaigning. To be forced to campaign again by an unwashed mob (40% of them Democrat voters) was a great slap in the face for Newsom. 

The work of the recall was done when all over this country, people saw what was happening in California and were emboldened by it, saying to themselves “If they can get rid of their untouchable tyrant, maybe we can get rid of ours.” Not every state has a recall process, but every state has a method for removing untouchable tyrants. 

One year ago, Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom were the golden boys of corona communism. They were the poster children. They were destined for the White House. Today, one is gone, and a second has been rendered a disgrace. It would have been hard to imagine that a year ago. Only because of the momentum of the recall movement in California did Cuomo get pushed out of office. The California recall changed the tenor of everything. Sure, it was his grabby hands that they said cost him his job, but the search for justice for the tens of thousands of elderly and others he killed with his Covid policies was not going away, and still might not. It wasn’t his grabby hands. 

This nation owes a debt of gratitude to all who participated in the California recall election. 

To dig even deeper, that is still, to some degree, noise, because it is so big picture oriented. Those individual choices to stand up in life mean so much in concert with others. There are even more hopeful stories. They are the individual stories of individual change. The most important actions are the actions that change you. 

Three weeks ago, a hundred or so in Silicon Valley temporarily shut down the San Jose City Council meeting in which councilmen were going to illegally implement a vaccine mandate. Officials ran from the meeting and their staff even stopped answering their office phones, as they hid in their offices. These members of the public committed the crime of letting themselves into a public meeting closed to the public. Though a hundred or so were there, it was a dozen or so who truly made this happen. They didn’t even know each other a few months earlier. Day-by-day, they communicate and grow alongside each other, building their capacity in their own lives and also growing into a pride of lions that can do astounding things. 

Four weeks ago, a few hundred parents shut down a school board meeting in San Luis Obispo County. The school board is used to seeing maybe a dozen at their meetings. Then one night, sixty turned up to talk about masks and were shot down. If you shoot down sixty people do you really think they will go away? Nope. They brought five times as many back with them. Hundreds showed up two weeks later, and those who showed up weren’t taking anyone’s nonsense. The board’s response — close down all future meetings to the public. Those hundreds of angry parents aren’t going away. The world is changed by such tireless minorities. 

Many colleges are obediently complying with all mandates presented to them, no matter how flimsy the legality of it is. Palmer College located in the heavily restrictive Santa Clara County this past week decided to drop their vaccine mandate after students read the government policy and refused to let officials implement it. Within days, the policy was dropped under student advice and pressure. Individuals stood up, had the tough conversations, asked the hard questions through face-to-face conversations. 

Tyrants across the state are hiding on Zoom, having illegal public meetings because they can’t bear to face the public. I’ve got news for them. The public will catch them. It’s better to face such a massive tide of resistance early and to address it, because if you run, you may buy yourself time, but it will come with a fury that appears to grow geometrically with the amount of force you cause them to exert to have their grievances redressed. Open meeting laws are constructed specifically to prevent such fury from building. 

Individual action is feeding massive change. 

It doesn’t matter what happens on a massive level, though. It matters what happens on an individual level. 

Brave pastors never closed their churches down. 

Brave businesses never closed down. 

Preachers are setting up tents all over California having massive meetings despite what authorities say. 

The sheep remain masked, the number of unmasked lions have tripled. They live their lives unmasked. 

A woman in California recently told me a story of how she finally rolled her mother out of her windowless nursing home room, against the orders of staff, and outside, into the sun, unmasked, into the loving arms of her grandchildren who had not seen her in 18 months. It was a moment no one there will ever forget. The next time she came to visit mom, nursing home staff locked her out. She demanded to speak to the director in his office. She told him the next time she was locked out, she wouldn’t be standing in that office, her lawyer would. Problem solved. 

I doubt that woman would have ever said a thing like that at any other earlier time in her life. Tough times don’t break us. They make us who we are. 

A father told me the story of how he refused to let his son be masked in school, and how his son said he had no interest in being masked in school either. The son then lived by those words. The school didn’t react well. The family was prepared. The tales of these two could fill a book all its own. Over the past year, I’ve seen courage like I never imagined I might see in my life. 

These are stories of heroes being made all around us. But they are only heroes against our current backdrop. What they are really doing is living life as man is supposed to live it: free. 

Some people use the phrase, “like herding cats,” to describe leading freedom fighters. Such people who use that phrase seem to miss the point of freedom. Sheep need herding. Lions will not be herded. He who attempts to herd lions is doing the work of a fool and approaches them with the mindset of a collectivist. It is contrary to the character of a lion to be herded. The lion is not helped by such attempts, nor is a society. Freedom is had in a society by free men and free women being their own free selves as diligently as they can be. 

The third American Revolution is taking place. Economist and historian Murray Rothbard described the first American revolution as coming before 1775. It was a change in the hearts and minds of the colonists to the point that they saw themselves as a free people and no longer as subjects. They were each the sovereign, not the crown. This shift in perspective preceded the days after 1776, which Rothbard describes as a bloody rebellion, partially due to the overlords not recognizing that the revolution had already occurred and that the colonies could no longer be governed the way they once had. 

This happens each time the overlords don’t realize that conditions have changed and insist their hold on power, gained during a different time, is still a valid hold. Eventually, that catches up with them. Again, this takes place with a fury that is geometrically increased according to the amount of force they require the governed to exert in order to communicate that message. Knowing when to cut and run is the most important tool of the tyrant who doesn’t want his life to end in a beheading. There are only so many times an election can be stolen before a people refuse to keep playing that game. There are only so many times a “rule for thee, but not for me,” can be implemented before a people refuse to keep playing that game. Ideally, our political leaders are smart enough to avoid bloody rebellion. The choice is theirs. 

Welcome to the new American revolution. Cultural and spiritual revival is breaking out all over California, home-by-home, person-by-person. It is not going away. Quite to the contrary, it is going to spread from California across this country. 

California leads the way in many things, much of them bad recently. This will be one that will be a true treasure. Those who leave California prematurely, to run elsewhere, are missing the joy of living at the spear tip of such change, the joy of living daily life on the front lines, of serving in a way that so truly matters. 

In times like these, how do you serve the cause of freedom in a way that truly matters? Pray and obey. Be the free man that you were made to be. Live that free life you were meant to live. You will ripple out freedom to all around you. 

The tyrants only matter in your own life as much as you allow them to. They will be dealt with. Politics is downstream of culture. Eventually they will follow or be removed. If you are called to deal with them, there is no time like the present. If you are not called to deal with them, do not sweat them too much. You have such power to nullify them in your own life. Just keep living that free life, and things will work out just fine. 

All human history rewards the free man who can do exactly that, for each day of freedom is better than a decade of servitude under a tyrant.” Allan Stevo

Check out Allan Stevo’s book and webinar Face Masks in One Lesson @ https://webinar.realstevo.com

Lions not sheep apparel here.

The Deadly Consequences 💉💉


Sean Brooks, Ph.D – Ohio school board meeting, 4 minutes.

So many people believed and still do believe the lies that have been in the media since Day 1. Everyone single person participating in this fraud needs to be held accountable. That includes the medical professionals not allowing family members to visit loved ones in a nursing home and all the ones forcing a medical device on someone’s face, forcing a test or injections. All of you are conspiring with criminals. All you medical professionals around the world holding someone down injecting them with something they do not want are criminals.

If they truth was available to everyone and not censored not many people would have lined up for this experiment. As of 8/23/21, 13,911 deaths. Remember, based on the study this is around 1% of reported reactions. What about the 45,000 deaths that the CDC was hiding? The estimate is 500,000 deaths in the USA alone at this point. My guess is its higher and will continue to get worse based on the experts opinons on what these injections do to your body.

Per VAERS there were 13,911 deaths from Covid-19 injection reported as of 8/23/21

Today as of 9/10/21 there are 14,506 deaths, 595 more deaths in one week.

This experiment has caused more deaths in 8 months than all vaccines in the past 30 years.

No More Silence

C19 Vax Reactions

VAX LongHaulers

PCR Test can’t idenify Delta Variant; it’s all fiction, Jon Rappoport (no kidding, how can there be a variant of something that has not been isolated or proven to exist)

Great summary of the crime by Reiner Fuellmich: We are starting to win in Courts!

The Worldwide crime! What’s happening in India? Dr. Robert Young

Doctors for Covid Ethics

“We are hundreds of doctors and scientists from all corners of the globe. We have written three letters to the European Medicines Agency, urgently warning of short term and long term dangers from COVID-19 vaccines, including clotting, bleeding and platelet abnormalities. We first began warning of blood-related risks before media reports of clotting led to vaccine suspensions around the world”

Website: Doctors for Covid Ethics

Parents: Walk Out Week Pledge

Enough is enough!

CHD – Walk Out Week Pledge

Week of September 13, 2021

Print out the pledge and share pictures of your homeschooling experience the week of September 13th as you educate your children and use hashtags #ParentRising #WalkOutWeek #MyChildMyChoice

Help AFLDS Legal Team: Protect Medical Freedom

America’s Frontline Doctors are taking legal action to protect San Francisco City municipal employees who have been subjected to unconstitutional COVID-19 mandates and threatened with suspension and termination

AFLDS legal team is considering 1-3 lawsuits 

Each lawsuit can easily cost a few hundred thousand dollars

Our goal is to raise $1 million in the next three weeks

The results obtained in San Francisco will affect the entire state and the nation.


Thank you for your generosity and support to help protect everyone’s medical and constitutional rights for now and in the future